Saturday, 29 November 2008

Neighbourhood Watch: Ringmaster Messages 28 November

An attempted burglary has been reported in the Carters Lane area of Long Crendon on the 26th November. Noises were heard by the occupant at around 11:15pm and jemmy marks were discovered the next day to the back door. PC 5867 Clegg is the officer dealing.

A property on Worminghall Road, Ickford was subject of a burglary on the 27th November. Offender(s) gained entry between 8:30am and 5:30pm, via an insecure bathroom window. Once inside, they stole property including TV's, computer equipment and iPOD's. PC 5924 Kingham is the officer dealing.

Police are keen to hear from anyone that noticed anything suspicious in the areas mentioned, around the times given. If you have any information, please call on 08458 505505 and state that you are responding to this Ringmaster message.

A purse has been stolen from a shopper's handbag, whilst shopping in the Broadfields area of Aylesbury on the 27 November, between 2pm and 2:15pm. The purse contained cash that the owner had just taken out of a nearby cashpoint.

At this time of year it is worthwhile reminding all your watch members to be vigilant with their personal belongings whilst out shopping. Make sure that purses are kept out of sight and that handbags are closed and secure - avoiding the possibility of someone 'dipping' into them. Don't keep wallets and mobile phones in back pockets where they could be easily accessible to a potential criminal.

When using cashpoints, be aware of who is around you or if anyone appears to be paying attention to the area around cashpoints. If you spot anyone suspicious, call the Police and alert bank / shop staff.