Saturday, 9 January 2010

Weather update.

Received from the Met Office this morning at 11:12

There will be further snow showers this morning across Kent and East Sussex and a few flurries elsewhere. During this afternoon and evening and area of more persistent snow will spread up from the south-east This will tend to work its way north-westwards across all parts of the SE region during the evening and overnight and there will continue to be outbreaks of snow through much of Sunday and Monday. For most areas the snow will be light. However, during this evening and night an area of heavier snow is expected to develop through the Thames Estuary and this is expected to feed down into Kent and East Sussex and could also trouble parts of Surrey (especially the North Downs) and parts of West Sussex. The period of heaviest snow looks to be during Sunday morning with any outbreaks becoming lighter later on Sunday and through Sunday night into Monday. That said, we will need to monitor the situation closely for the Monday morning rush hour particularly in the Kent and Sussex areas.

To give some ideas of amounts, most places can expect to see a further 2-5cm of snow between this afternoon and Monday morning. However the more at risk areas flagged above (i.e. parts of Kent, Sussex and Surrey) may see as much as 20cm in some places. The strong north-easterly wind will cause the snow to drift around, especially so because the snow will be of a dry powdery nature rather than big wet flakes. The wind will also, of course, make it feel bitingly cold.

During Monday and into Tuesday any further snow should become increasingly light and patchy.

The radar images (which show snow despite the title just being "rainfall" radar) are at

Looking further into next week the bitterly cold wind will persist with overnight frosts continuing to give ice problems. Snow looks to be much less of a problem. Some coastal areas may still see a few light flurries but no significant amounts are expected. Towards the end of the week less cold air tries to push in from the Atlantic but it is unclear how far east that air will manage to get. It looks very unlikely to reach most of the SE region in the next 10 days but it may just edge into the extreme west, so we will need to be watchful of that.