Saturday, 10 July 2010

Footsteps update

St Nicholas Church Chearsley invites all local children to walk in the footsteps of Moses at a craft and drama fun day on 25th August.

We will start off in the village hall making all sorts of exciting crafts to use as props during the day.  Most of them can be taken home at the end in your very own "party bag" which you can decorate yourself.

Then we will head off to Paul and Ann Persson's garden at the bottom of Lower Green Lane where we will float Moses baskets, make bricks, escape through the red sea and wander around the desert for 40 years !

We will all join together for a picnic lunch before setting off on more adventures.

The cost for the day will be £2 per child and any profits will go to the wonderful charity Habitat for Humanity.  We are attempting to raise £1,235 this year to pay for H4H to build one house for a family living in poverty.

If you would like to register, or need more information call Sharon Sampson on 208740 or email

Please note that you will need to bring a parent or carer with you.

If anyone has any of the following, please can they pass them on to Sharon Sampson or drop them off at Cloverdale, Lower Green Lane:
A sheepskin pelt - it does not matter how old or what colour.  We will be cutting it into strips to make furry snakes.
Butter/margarine tubs - to make waterproof Moses baskets that we can float
Custard / cocoa / gravy cardboard pots with lids - to decorate and fill with ten commandments pebbles
Cotton wool - to make sheep puppets and a pillar of cloud
Blue card - to decorate with bright fishes and seaweed for the parting of the red sea
Gold paint - for making gold necklaces and bracelets
Double sided sticky tape - as we will not have time to wait for glue to set before using the crafts.