Friday, 26 November 2010

Weather update

from Bucks County Council at 11:00am:

No significant snow issues are expected in the Southeast region today, or indeed over the weekend.

The slight change in wind direction means even Kent should be dry today but there is increased risk of a few sleet/snow showers coming into the Kent coast again by the end of the night. There is also a slight risk of some light snow sneaking into the southwest of the region (SW Hants, poss west Berks, poss Isle of Wight) for a time this evening but amounts should be small.

On Saturday, there's the risk of a light snow showers almost anywhere. The highest risk though is across East Kent and perhaps into parts of East Sussex but no great amounts of snow are expected. Much the same applies on Sunday. There is an increased risk of some sleet or snow again reaching the southwest of Hants and perhaps the Isle of Wight for a time early on Monday morning but again, no major issues are expected from this although it will come at an awkward time of day. The rest of Monday should be largely fine across the region although a bitter east to southeast wind will pick up through the day. Temperatures over the weekend and into Monday will only be around 2 or 3C at best and it will, of course be frosty overnight.

We're continuing to monitor possible developments for Tuesday/ Wednesday. East to southeast winds will become strong so it will feel extremely cold. There is a signal that we could see a major area of snow come into the south of the UK but there is still much uncertainty. Please keep an eye on advisories and warnings over the weekend as this could be a major problem if it does decide to head our way.

The warnings page on our website will, of course be updated as required so keep an eye on that (