Thursday, 26 July 2012

Advice on Bogus Doorstep Traders

A community message from  AVDC

Bogus doorstep traders employ a range of sales tactics to persuade people to buy.

These are six of the most common high pressure selling techniques which homeowners should look out for:
  • Sales tactic 1 – You’re made to feel grateful.
    The friendly salesperson turns up on your doorstep with a gift, maybe a plant or chocolates, and it might seem rude not to invite the salesperson in.
  • Sales tactic 2 – You’re made to feel as if you have lots in common.
    The trader picks up on things you have in your home, such as photos of your family or hobbies, and pretends they are keen on the same things to gain your trust.
  • Sales tactic 3 – You’re made to feel as if there is a great sense of urgency.
    The salesperson says they’ve got a special discount for you, may pretend to check with their boss, then say that if you don’t order now you’ll miss out. You’re pushed into making up your mind and signing a contract on the spot without any time to reflect.
  • Sales tactic 4 – You’re made to feel committed to the service – and that you’ll lose face if you don’t buy.
    The trader gets you to agree to harmless statements about how a service would make your life easier. By answering ‘yes’, you are starting to say ‘yes’ to the sale without realising it, and may feel too embarrassed not to buy when you’ve implied that you will.
  • Sales tactic 5 – You’re made to feel that you will be just as happy as all the other contented consumers.
    The salesperson talks of lots of people like you who have bought the product, and you feel reassured that you’re getting a good deal.
  • Sales tactic 6 – You’re made to feel as if the service is endorsed by an expert.
    The trader will emphasise that the service has been thoroughly tested and is approved by a professional association, charity, celebrity or council, so you feel reassured by a credible endorsement.
For further advice, visit The Office of Fair Trading website from where you can download the 2012 Quick Guide and the Ten Top Tips for dealing with doorstep traders.