Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Reminder Not To Leave Valuables In Your Vehicle

This is a message sent via Action Fraud Alert and has been sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police.

The Aylesbury Vale Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NHPTs) are reminding residents to remove property from their parked vehicles.

Recent thefts have included briefcases, Christmas presents, clothing, house keys, a brand new satnav and tools from vans.

It is likely that these crimes have been committed by opportunist criminals, tempted by property left on display. If they see something inside a parked car it only takes a moment to smash a window and grab the property.

Please don’t make life easy for them and take a moment to read the following points:-
  • Don’t leave items on display – even a carrier bag could tempt them to take a closer look, resulting in the loss of your property and vehicle being out of service while it is being fixed.
  • Don’t try and hide property inside your car – property is easily stolen from boots or other compartments within the vehicle.
  • Park in a well-lit area if possible and make sure the vehicle is locked and the alarm engaged if you have one.
  • Report anyone acting suspiciously around parked vehicles at the time that you see them. Don’t leave it to someone else – you might be the only witness.
  • If you do see someone try and get a description of them, along with details of any vehicle they might be using. Call it through on 101, or if a crime is happening at that time dial on 999.
  • If you discover that your vehicle has been broken into make sure you let the police know.

Recent thefts have been reported in the Aylesbury, Brill, Oakley and Great Horwood areas. Please help the police by reducing the opportunities for criminals.

Click for the Thames Valley Police website