Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tour of Britain Cycle Race

 The Tour of Britain cycle race will passing through Upper Winchendon, Ashendon and Brill next Saturday 9th September. The ToB is an elite-level stage race (essentially a one-week equivalent of the Tour de France). All the teams and many of the riders you will see in the Tour de France will be riding, including Mark Cavendish and Geriant Thomas. It is top class international sport happening on your doorstep (and for free) and is a brilliant spectacle. Plus you don't need to know anything about bike racing to enjoy it.

The stage starts in Hemel Hempstead, works its way via Cubblington to Oving and Pitchcott then crosses the A41 and goes up past Eythrope Park and through Upper Winchendon. They then turn right and go down and up to Ashendon, down the very steep Brick Hill from the top of Ashendon and up to Brill via the windmill before heading down to Oakley, Islip and eventually to Cheltenham. The route map and estimated timings for each point can be found at the pages below. The windmill at Brill will be an excellent place to watch or if you want to see the riders hit 80 kph then Brick Hill might be the place.

There will be riders (adults and children) setting off from Chearsley to cycle this part of the course ahead of the pros at about 9.30-10am. If anyone wants details please email Richard: