Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Village News

with Margaret Morbey : 01844-208913

Parish Council meeting Monday January 15 at 7.30pm at Chearsley Cricket Club

Chearsley Parish Council are developing an online messaging service to keep parishioners updated on the Council’s work in the village and to encourage feedback from all members of our community. Nic Brown, the Council’s chairman has already sent out a message about the forthcoming Budget Council Meeting using this facility to around 100 villagers whose names and emails are known to them. If you did not receive this email communication and would like to do so in future, please send your contact details to either John Lewis at of John Howard at

This important meeting next Monday decides the Council’s budget for the year 2018/2019 based on what we would like to spend, and what that means for our local Council Tax contribution to Chearsley (known as the “Precept”).

Over the past 2 years, the Council have been increasing the Precept as the historically very low-level challenges the Council’s ability to maintain the fabric of the village. This has been difficult but necessary as the AVDC and Bucks County Council Tax elements have been capped and Government funds diminished in recent years making funding ever more challenging.

At the meeting on Monday, there will be a full discussion of what the Council have been doing since their presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting in 2017 at which they received full support from the parishioners to get on with the job the councillors are elected to do. Please attend this important meeting so that you can hear at first hand what is planned for next year and for the Council to gain support from the village to continue the works that are felt to be important for moving Chearsley onwards and upwards. It will be a formal Parish council meeting and there will be an opportunity at the start and end of the meeting for villagers to express their views and observations.

Nic Brown encourages your attendance at this meeting as it is critically important for him and his fellow councillors that villagers are satisfied with the direction and vision the Council has for Chearsley.