Thursday, 19 November 2009

Bucks Tree Club

The Bucks Tree Club is seeking tree guardians in each neighbourhood in the towns and villages of Buckinghamshire.

Bucks Tree Club members love trees so exchange news and information about trees, their cultivation and woodlands as well as plan visits to arboreta and gardens with interesting trees for their own enjoyment and knowledge. They also hope to encourage more interest in trees by the Club’s website which already holds a list of the ancient woodlands in the county and has an ongoing project of compiling a list of the ‘Best in Bucks’ – the best example of each tree species that can be seen by the public in Buckinghamshire.

This National Tree Week, November 26th to December 6th, the Bucks Tree Club invites all Tree Wardens or anyone else who would like to be identified as caring about their local trees and woodlands, to email or write to the club, c/o The Dendrologist, PO Box 341, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 2RD. Then their name and how they would like to be contacted, can be displayed as a guardian for the treescape around their village or town. When published on the website, this will help people see if their area, has someone caring for their local trees and woodlands and if not, they may want to volunteer themselves as such a guardian.

A network of such guardians would have many advantages including contact with each other and help with establishing the best or rare trees in their own area and encouraging local pride in these.

Please pass on this idea and bring all tree interested people together!

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