Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Community Message

This is a Community Message from Aylesbury Watch Office on Monday 23 November 2009.

Residents are being urged to be on their guard against bogus officials offering to give council refunds, relating to council tax.

People are being called and told they may qualify for a refund and then asked for their bank account details so the payment can be made. In some cases residents have also been asked for a £90 administration fee to process their application.

Whilst Bucks Trading Standards are not yet aware of any offences in our area, it is worth everyone being vigilant and not giving out any sensitive information to unknown callers, either on the phone or in person. If you receive any such approach, contact the Police on 0845 8 505 505.

If you are due for any kind of refund, you will be informed in writing by your Local Authority and no 'admin' fee will be payable!