Monday, 27 February 2012

Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

A final call to see what interest there may be for getting the village folks of Chearsley together to celebrate during this historic time
The Bell, Tuesday 13th March at 7.30pm

The quiet consensus seems to favour a Jubilee Celebration on Bank Holiday Monday, 4th June, with a theme as follows:

Daytime arrangements
Picnic on the green from 3pm until approx 5pm for all villagers and friends with the make up of the picnic down to the individuals and families – a bring and share - but I would imagine with an emphasis on sandwiches, cakes, savouries etc. and then some entertainment of a light musical nature plus some games for the younger ones.

A competition to be arranged encouraging the young ones to dress up as Kings, Queens , Knights of the Realm etc., with a prize of four tickets to LegoLand to the winning boy and girl

Coordinators are required for this and also the support of the shop and pub for the purchase of other services and goods.

Evening arrangements
Dancing and hog roast (or alternative food) around the green pub garden area around 7.30pm start for the adults possibly also carrying on the theme of the afternoon of the Monarchy or alternatively just very casual (it would also be great to consider the younger adults/teenagers who may prefer a separate area/marquee for some music and appropriate drinks for at least some of the evening)

Coordinators are required for this and in particular the agreement/support of the village pub.

This your chance to get involved and support what I think could be a smashing day for all, so come along to The Bell on Tuesday the 13th March at 7.30pm and share your thoughts, as the above is just a stab at it and I am sure there are many more ideas that could work.

Nic Brown