Saturday, 1 July 2000

Cynthia Loses Her Rug!

Search of area reveals no clues!

News has reached us that young mother of one, Cynthia Siddal, left her picnic rug on The Green late on the afternoon of Carnival Day. A passing villager, Nick Fogden, later carefully folded the rug and placed it on the bench in the middle of The Green but shortly after that it disappeared. The rug, described as 'green' and 'waterproofed on one side', was a prized possession and its loss puts in jeopardy future family picnics.
(Photo-fit picture)

Husband Charles, consoling his devastated wife at The Bell, made no comment but we believe an alcohol-based reward may be offered for the rug's safe return. Their young son, Harrison, has not been told of the news. This is the second blow to hit the family this week - irreplaceable photographs were lost when Cynthia's last photographic endeavours were subject to an accidental Hot Wash cycle.

In depth investigation has revealed the rug to be of a 'tartan' style and using the most up-to-date technology, the above illustration has been produced in the hope that it will trigger someone's memory.
Speculative rumours that the rug may have been used in a satanic ritual under the Carnival Stones has been dismissed as 'pure speculation'.

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