Friday 30 June 2023

Farm shop - this weekend - Saturday 1st July 10-12 at Manor Farm, Chearsley.

We have fresh beef in the fridge and plenty of lamb in the freezer. 

We also have our farm apple juice.
All our meat is pure grass-fed and organic and packed with nutrients!
Wildlife-friendly, high welfare meat that is produced without costing the earth. 

Miranda from Pied Beauty Flowers (sustainable flowers grown just outside Thame) will also be selling some lovely blooms!

Hope to see you,
Rose Dale

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Saturday 24 June 2023

Friday 23 June 2023

Manor Farm shop this w/e : 10-12 SATURDAY 24th June

 Farm shop this weekend

Manor Farm Chearsley 10-12 SATURDAY 24th June

I have a fresh batch of delicious Gotland lamb - everyone who had it last year said it was very delicious.
These sheep like nibbling hedgerows and thistles as well as grass so I am sure the meat is full of nutrients.

Mainly lamb this weekend, a little bit of beef and apple juice.  
I have racks of lamb (very easy to pop in the oven for a luxurious supper for 2 and plenty of chops and neck fillets for the barbecue. Shoulder of lamb is also brilliant on the barbie. All of it is nice and lean because they have only been fed on pasture and not fattened up on grain so it’s really healthy. 

Fresh beef next weekend!

On the farm this week - 

We have a good variety of summer butterflies enjoying the wildflowers with a mass of ox eye daisies studding the fields, along with other midsummer wildflowers like lady’s bedstraw and red campion. The meadows change as the flowers come and go and look slightly different each week. 

I’ve seen blues, red admirals, skippers and marbled whites along with the more common butterflies like meadow browns and whites. There are lots of small dragonflies which are actually demoiselles (dragonflies rest with their wings perpendicular to their body and demoiselles close them parallel to the body). I am sure you will spot some if you walk along the footpaths.  

The lovely spell of hot weather allowed us to make our first cut of hay - just in time because the tractor broke down part way through so we were unable to turn it until it was fixed and rain was fast approaching. I wish it had rained more but at least we got 7mm. However it has been very dry and we need a few good downpours to encourage the pastures to keep growing. We have not yet got half of our winter food (hay and silage) requirement made. Our 3 latest calves are growing fast, you can see them in the field by the footpath. 

Andrew has spent the day ear tagging the lambs. I am going to register the best females with the breed societies and hope to sell some for breeding. If anyone wants some special rare sheep, let me know! I think they are gorgeous and much better than having to mow a large lawn!

PS please do have a look at my new website and you can sign up to a not too frequent newsletter which will be full of interesting stuff about the farm and farming - when I find the time to write the first one! And of course some lovely pictures of the animals and the beautiful nature on our doorstep. 

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Any Interest in a Series of Village CPR Classes ?

 A few years back we ran a series of CPR classes of about 1 hour. These were well attended and received very well. While we now have 2 defibrillators in the village, CPR is very effective to keep the blood supply flowing to the brain in the vital minutes ahead of an ambulance arriving if you can’t easily access a defib in an emergency. The PC is looking at sponsoring another set of classes to be given by Kevin Dennington if there is sufficient interest on a weekday evening in the village hall. If you and/or a family member are interested please contact or comment below so we can gauge demand and follow up.