Tuesday 28 April 2020

In Memoriam - Maria Allen

Villager Maria Allen, who sadly passed away recently, makes her last journey from Chearsley this Friday May 1st to Amersham Crematorium. The hearse will be stopping for 15 minutes at about 1:45pm by the old school house before leaving, for those wanting to pay socially distanced respects. The service at Amersham will be at 2.45pm.

Maria and Peter first came to Chearsley in 1981 and were married in the church here in 1983. Her daughter, Emma, went to Chearsley school before it closed. Maria enjoyed fitting into village life, at times working at the pub, the shop and running the youth club. She was also a founder member of the Chearsley Cherry Bumpers, a ladies morris dancing team and an active member of the WI. She loved flowers and gardening and until very recently was still arranging the flowers in the church with Joy and her team.

Deepest sympathies are extended from the village to Peter, Emma and the family.

11am Prayer

Saturday 25 April 2020

New Arrivals in the Village

The Parish Council arranged the planting of two new trees in the village this week. An oak and silver birch tree have been planted on the bank outside the Village Hall, a short distance up Chilton Road.

Councillor, Paul Bown has been leading the PC work regarding their responsibilities for trees in the village and unsurprisingly much of this work concerns the maintenance and preservation of the many trees planted by the council over very many years. A recent example is the placing of pheromone traps on the iconic Horse Chestnut tree at the junction of Winchendon and Aylesbury Road, to limit the damage by leaf-mining moths, which followed detailed research undertaken by parishioner, Ian Houseman.

“In the fullness of time, these two trees will considerably enhance the approach to our village from Chilton Road and I think it also demonstrates our commitment to our environmental responsibilities” said Paul.

“We would urge parishioners to pass on any concerns about the current condition of the established trees in the village and would welcome suggestions for additional planting in the common parts of the village.” All queries and suggestions to Chearsleypc@chearsley.com.



Councillors Paul Bown and John Howard demonstrate their green fingers and aplomb with watering can. Many thanks also to Four Seasons.

RIP Steve Timberlake

It is with much sadness we report that villager Steve Timberlake, husband to Sarah, passed away recently.

Steve was born to Julie and John and grew up in Chearsley. Steve was brother to Nigel, Annette,  Mark and Jonathan. Steve married Sarah in 1992. Steve and Sarah moved back to Chearsley when they built their house, Larkins, in 2002.

Steve loved animals, countryside, boxing, F1 and cars, especially his Range Rover.   He could be found at 6pm in either The Bell or The Crown in Cuddington, where he made many friends. He was able to indulge his passion for F1 by travelling to Grand Prix in Australia, Abu Dhabi and Barcelona. He also flew to New York on Concorde.

Steve was very particular in his work and everything had to be just right.

Steve and Sarah had visited Cyprus for many years with friends and family, finally deciding to move there in Dec 2018. However, unfortunately Steve was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2019. The outlook was very bad but he stayed strong and fought it as much as he could but wanted to comeback to Chearsley once his treatment was finished so that he and Sarah could be with friends and family.

Someone described him as a tough man with a heart of gold and Sarah says that totally sums him up.

Steve’s funeral will be at Bierton Crematorium at 11am on April 30th. Unfortunately, due to Covid, only for immediate family. Steve will be making his last journey to Bierton from the family home in Church Lane, setting off at around 10.15 am,  passing the village green and going through Cuddington. Several friends will be taking their daily exercise at this time in order to pay their respects in the current restricted circumstances.

Our deepest sympathies go to Sarah and all the family.

Thursday 23 April 2020

An update from Nic Brown, Chairman of the Parish Council

Nic has penned an update highlighting the fantastic work of the Good Neighbour scheme run by Susan Olding (helped by her great team of volunteers from the village) and an update on our first Virtual PC meeting using both Zoom and YouTube.

Please read it  here

Protecting our Horse Chestnut Trees in the Village

Ian Houseman has just published details of how he is organising the protection of our central horse chestnut tree in the village from the leaf-mining moth. Ian has also given specific details of how you can protect the trees on your own property. Timely action is needed for this season.

Please read his report here

Contact details are in the report if you want to get any further advice from Ian.

Friday 17 April 2020

Live Stream of Parish Council Meeting Monday 20 April 7.30pm

The Chearsley Parish Council meeting will be held remotely on Monday 20 April 7.30pm, Video will be streamed live via YouTube.

The YouTube link will be sent out to the Chearsley Village Facebook page and by email blast at around 7pm on the Monday. Any live questions for the PC can be typed into the chat window, If you already have questions please send in advance to chearsleypc@chearsley.com. For those without any decent broadband or 4G connection there will be an audio only telephone dial in on 0330 088 5830 or 0203 481 5240 - when prompted enter the code 982 6873 9318#

Documents and the agenda (and previous minutes) for the meeting can be viewed on the Parish Council website www.chearsleypc.org.uk Any technical questions on connectivity please send to webmaster@chearsley.com.
Note that it is unknown how the village broadband will hold up if we have a large amount of participation so there may be issues. This will be the first PC live stream so a learning experience for us.
if you have already have any specific questions for the PC in advance please send to chearsleyPC@chearsley.com.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Phil Morbey

Phil Morbey's funeral is at 11 am tomorrow, the 15th April, in Chearsley churchyard. Please think of Phil tomorrow and raise a glass in his memory. Only immediate family members can attend due to the restrictions, but the family plan to arrange a Memorial service later in the year. The family is very grateful for all of the love and kindness shown by the village and friends at this sad time.

Thursday 9 April 2020

Easter Weekend Family Fun

Some ideas for you to connect with the Easter Story this weekend.

Good Friday - the day Jesus was crucified

Activity: Bang some nails into a piece of wood, in the shape of a cross, then thread some wool around the nails.

Saturday - Jesus was in the tomb

Activity: wrap someone in toilet paper, but be sure to save it for use later!  Think how Jesus’ body and cloth was anointed in a lot of oils and spices and how the women at the tomb, discovered the grave clothes left behind, with the head cloth folded up neatly.  For older children – tell them about the shroud of Turin that some people believe is the actual cloth that wrapped Jesus.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt_92yHPSug

Activity: Resurrection Roll – anoint a marshmallow in spices, wrap it in puff pastry burial clothes, then put it in the tomb (oven).   When you take it out, Jesus’ body will have disappeared!

Question? What do you think Jesus was doing on the Saturday?   Lying dead in the tomb?  Already resurrected and getting healed by angels?  Getting a big hug from his father?

Sunday - Jesus is Alive!

Activity: Easter egg hunt – chat about why we celebrate Easter with hollow eggs. How the egg represents the empty tomb but also symbolises new life.

For Adults - Do you struggle to believe in the resurrection? Watch this video presented by a retired Cold Case Detective (who was an atheist before he investigated the resurrection). 

Good Friday YouTube Service

The 3buckschurches YouTube Channel can be found here

Sunday 5 April 2020

Monday - Family Fun Ideas

As it is Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday, I thought you might like some Easter activities to do at home with your family.  I will post a link each day.

Saturday 4 April 2020

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a day in the Christian calendar when we celebrate. This year circumstances don’t lend themselves to celebration, particularly in Chearsley as we learn of the passing of Phil Morbey, a much loved and respected figure in our community. Our thoughts, prayers and love go to Margaret, Furry, Jenny, Timmy, Podge and all the family at this very sad time. At 6.00 pm tonight let’s light a candle, and raise a glass to Phil to celebrate his life with us in Chearsley.

Friday 3 April 2020

Covoid Update 3/4/20

1. Here is a handy compendium of local food services that deliver to Chearsley here

2. Here is the latest update on Chearsley Good Neighbours here

Wednesday 1 April 2020