Wednesday 30 June 2021

Lost Dog - Please Keep a Lookout

Anna and David Taylor have lost their dog (Woody). Last seen at the cricket club and crossing the main road at about 7pm. If you see/find Woody please contact Anna asap. 07979 655648

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Upcoming Chearsley Road Improvements and Dates

Your Parish Council was reassured to read the latest report by Transport for Bucks showing that their programme of works for the months ahead includes overdue repairs to the Aylesbury Road towards Cuddington and Dark Lane in the village.

The time slots given for the works are:


Aylesbury Road - Monday 23rd August to Wednesday 25th August

Dark Lane – Thursday 16th September to Wednesday 29th September


There will be inevitable disruption to our normal car travel during these works and the Parish Council will do its utmost to ensure we have full details of the planned restrictions well ahead of the date.

Up to date information can be found at and searching on Chearsley (or indeed anywhere else in Bucks).




Sunday 20 June 2021

Village Update


  • Theft of lawn mowing equipment from Village Green 
  • Reports of a suspicious individual roaming the allotment and house driveways
  • June Parish Council Meeting
  • Communication from the PM by Gilly Hall Travers

Theft of lawn mowing equipment

Unfortunately there has been more theft in the village. Graham King had a lawnmower and a strimmer stolen at around 1.20pm  on Saturday June19. He was cutting some of the village grass and left a spare mower and strimmer unattended for a couple of minutes next to his van and that was long enough. His van was parked on the grass by the black and white (retro) Chearsley multi-direction sign on the junction at the bottom of Chilton Rd. He’s reported it. If anyone saw anyone or anything unusual at this time please report to the local CPSO Danny Fahy at

Suspicious Individual ?

Also on Saturday, but at 10pm, an unknown man was spotted going into the allotment, then going into the driveways of the new houses nearby and was then last seen heading down Church Lane. He was around 30 wearing a black hat, black coat and trousers and had a dark beard. When challenged he said he was from Cuddington and just looking for unregistered land(?). This has been reported to the local CPSO. Given the amount of petty theft being reported in Chearsley and neighbouring villages please keep your levels of vigilance and security high.

June Parish Council Meeting

This will be held at 7.30 on Monday June 21 and will be live streamed on Please send comments, information or questions to

Communication from the PM by Gilly Hall Travers

"Boris and I met on the set of Have I For News For You when he was our Christmas host and I was the Executive Producer. When we chatted in the Green Room after the show we discovered we had both studied Classics at University. Boris at Balliol, Oxford Classical Philosophy and Ancient Literature and myself at Royal Holloway

Latin and Ancient Greek.


So I sent Boris a copy of my Cookery Book 'Italian and Roman Feasts' – it has an underbelly of Roman Cookery but transported into the modern day Italian kitchen.


I said in my missive that that I was donating my royalties from my cookery book and my little novel The Unforgettable Affair to the Captain Tom Foundation for COVID and I thought it might give him a little diversion and cheer. The reply from his office is below"

Thursday 17 June 2021

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Farewell to Fred Crawford

Our village community is still in a state of shock following the tragic news of the sudden and untimely passing of Fred Crawford.

Fred, aged 74 years, passed away peacefully at Florence Nightingale Hospice last Thursday, following a short illness.

He was quite simply a unique character in our village community and will be sorely missed by both family and friends.

Fred was born and bred in Holmer Green and spent most of his life in Bucks. He chose to spend his later years residing in Chearsley, claiming it was the loveliest village he'd ever lived in.

He was an extremely sociable man and loved nothing more than to share a pint and a few laughs and stories with his friends at the pub. He believed in traditional values and was very particular in making sure everything was done in the correct way.

Fred spoke his mind without fear or favour, but he was also someone who cared passionately about the community in which he lived and was always ready to help those in need.

Fred’s life’s work and indeed his lifetime interests were cars, coaches and trains, which is why it's no surprise that the original idea for the Chearsley Village Classic & Vintage Fun Day came from Fred. From its humble beginnings, the show has grown year by year, showcasing over 300 vehicles when it was last staged in 2019. Sadly, last year’s show did not take place for reasons with which we are only too familiar.

This year’s show in September will mark its 10th birthday and will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Fred’s legacy to the community he loved so dearly.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his close family, especially his daughter Lynsey and sister Gillian.

Lynsey has asked if all who knew Fred could send her any photographs that they may have of her father, as she plans to produce a photographic record of his life.

Her address is:

Lynsey Terry
14 Primrose Green,
Widmer End
High Wycombe
Bucks HP15 6BQ


Lynsey will let us have details of the arrangements for Fred’s funeral as soon as these are finalised. If any of his close friends would like to pay tribute to Fred at the funeral with some happy memories, please can you contact Lynsey so that she may organise that for you as part of the service.  

Friday 11 June 2021

Local Plant Sales This Weekend

Julian George will have a pop-up plant sale this Sunday June 13 from 11.30 at the gate of Furze Farmhouse
All proceeds will be for the Church.
It will be the same as last year, and don't forget it is CASH only. 

Nether Winchendon will also be running a plant stall this Saturday and Sunday from 9 am each day , it will be unmanned with a cash honesty box but there will be information about the plants on the table. 

Thursday 10 June 2021

The Stockwell Restoration Project

The Stockwell Restoration Project

The Parish Council are keen to sponsor initiatives which seek to reconnect our community with its proud heritage.


A group was recently put together to manage ‘The Stockwell Restoration Project’, led by Derek Allen.


The Stockwell is a site of major historical in Chearsley Village and, in the absence of the necessary maintenance work over very many years, has deteriorated significantly and even presents some risk to public safety.


The restoration of the site will involve several key areas of work and it is hoped that the programme will commence in the coming weeks.


For those interested in seeing more detail, the group have just prepared a ‘progress report’ on the ambitions of the project and the works needed, and a copy can be downloaded from here l


For further information, please contact John Howard (

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Pop-up Plant Sale Sunday 11:30

Julian George will have a pop-up plant sale this Sunday June 13 from 11.30 at the gate of Furze Farmhouse
This will be for the Church.
Same as last year, and don't forget it is CASH only. Come and get your sprouts...


This Sunday Messy Church will be back at Chearsley Village Hall (outside).  We still can’t offer you food, but if you bring a picnic and blanket, we would love to sit and eat “together” at the end.

Our theme is “Toilet Twinning” so we will be doing lots of crafts and games based on toilets!
  • Can you lob a loo roll into a loo?
  • Throw a dice and race to build a compost loo
  • Make poo out of Weetabix, then plop it into the compost loo, adding sawdust to stop the smell
  • Play a memory game with all the bathroom items we take for granted
  • Get messy with toilet paper and glue as we make a collage together
  • Hear the story of Rachel, a schoolgirl from Africa, whose life was transformed by a toilet.
  • Write your prayers graffiti style on the back of a toilet door
  • Spend  a penny – can you get your pennies into the glass jar
We would love to raise £60 to twin our toilet with one abroad.  This will give us a photo of our twinned loo and its GPS co-ordinates so we can look it up on a map.  So, please bring all those pennies that are lying around your house.

We will still need to be in bubbles on picnic blankets, but can be a bit more relaxed about socialising and moving around.

Please let know if you think you can make it.

It's free, family, friendship, faith and fun!

Monday 7 June 2021

Thefts from Cars Locally

Make sure you don’t leave valuables in your cars. A warning to NicB below from the Police about thefts in Long Crendon.

“ Please can I make you aware of a spate of thefts from vehicles in Long Crendon.  Cars in Quarry Close, Meadowbank Close, Old Windmill Way and Giffard Way. Please will you let residents know via Facebook or Whats Ap  or any other social media platforms that they should keep their valuables out of cars and ensure that their cars are secure and not vulnerable to opportunists. We will be doing re-assurance patrols in the area.”