Saturday 24 July 2021

Local road closures for works next week - please read !


Aylesbury Road, Chearsley – Lammas Lane to Cannons Hill (Tuesday 27th July to Friday 30th July)
Plane and patch works using a road closure in operation between 7:00am and 6:00pm.
A418 Aylesbury Road, Haddenham - Pegasus Way Roundabout to Scotsgrove Turn (Thursday 29th July to Friday 30th July)
Surface Dressing works using a road closure in operation between 7:00am and 7:00pm.
Thame Road, Brill – The Old Chapel to B4011 (Friday 30th July to Saturday 31st July) **weekend working**
Surface Dressing works using a road closure in operation between 7:00am and 7:00pm.


Tuesday 20 July 2021

Free online training for support with your community garden/own gardening

Free online training for support with your community garden/own gardening-

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ADULT LEARNING will be providing a series of FREE online, bite-sized workshops to help you develop your gardening knowledge and skills, so your fruit and vegetables thrive.

Places will be limited, to book your place please call the Adult Learning Enrolment Team on 01296 383582 quoting the course code:


Wednesday 21st July 2021


Soil and compost

  • How to make your own compost
  • How to know if your soil is of good quality and improve what you have



Wednesday 21st July 2021


Weeds and pest control

  • Different methods to control weeds and pests
  • How to identify a weed from a plant



Wednesday 28th July 2021


When and how to grow fruit

  • Seasons for growing different fruit
  • Top tips for growing fruit



Wednesday 28th July 2021


When and how to grow vegetables

  • Seasons for growing different vegetables
  • How to save seeds



Community Growing Sites (

Thursday 8 July 2021

Village Update July 8th

o Village Party July 24th

o Chearsley Car Show Sunday 12th September

o Car Security - Protect your Remote Access Keys

o Please Don’t Feed Our Red Kites

o Water leak on Aylesbury Road

o 2nd Speed Indicator Device ordered.

o Roadwork Dates from TfB

Village Party July 24th

Chearsley Car Show September Sunday 12th September

The organising committee of the Chearsley Village ‘Classic & Vintage Fun Day’ are telling car owners and other enthusiasts to put Sunday 12th September in their diaries

The 10th Chearsley Village ‘Classic & Vintage Fun Day’, hosted by Chearsley Cricket Club, is due to take place on that date.

Last year’s show had to be cancelled due to the COVID epidemic but the organising committee are pressing ahead with the planning for the 2021 event, recognising that they may need to modify some aspects of the traditional format of the show in order to meet any required ‘social distancing’ rules and guidelines.

At the last show in September 2019, over 300 vehicles attended the show. At the end of June this year, around 200 owners had already registered their vehicles for the 2021 event.

Registration can be completed online at:

The show will open for the general public at 11.00, and close at 17.00. Entry and parking are free of charge.

In addition to a wide selection of classic and vintage vehicles, visitors will also be able to enjoy a flypast courtesy of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and visit arts & craft stalls. There will also be entertainments for youngsters, a programme of live music and a wide range of food and drinks available.

A major feature of this year’s event will be a tribute to one of the show’s founders, Fred Crawford. Sadly, he passed away very suddenly in early June, following a short illness. Fred made a huge contribution to the successful development of the show from its humble beginnings ten years ago.

All funds raised during the show will be invested in the development of Junior Cricket at Chearsley and a donation will be made to a COVID-related charity.

The success of our show is wholly dependent on the support of club members and the local community - over 50 volunteers lent their services on the day at the last event in 2019. Our 'team leaders' will be beginning their recruitment in the weeks ahead. Please help if you can…..

Car Security - Protect your remote Access car keys

The Parish Council has been looking into properly monitored CCTV as a way of preventing the spate of thefts involving lawnmowers, valuables from cars and even the cars themselves. This has been growing rapidly in the area. Keep all valuables out of sight and locked away where possible, whether in your car or on your drive. Furthermore the CCTV security experts we spoke to informed us that many car thefts are carried out by stealing codes from remote access car keys. This is done by the thieves operating a specialised receiver  sitting in a car parked near to your house or car park. Therefore consider keeping your car keys in a RF proof pouch and when at home in a metal container. These are available from Amazon at reasonable cost and are very effective. We heard that 1 individual in Aylesbury has had 3 cars stolen from his house in as many months using this method. 

Please Don’t Feed Our Red Kites

Increasing clusters of Red Kites have been noted in certain parts of the village. They are also dropping what appears to be rotting animal detritus from local feeding into villagers back gardens. The official advice from both the Chilterns Conservation Board and Royal Society for Protection of Birds is not to feed Red Kites. Normally Red Kites shy away from human contact but encouraging them to feed in gardens has lead to increasingly reported accounts nationally of seagull like behaviours where they will snatch food outdoors from a hand or an occupied table. Red Kites are large and strong birds with a 6 foot wingspan and very sharp and powerful talons so close human contact is to be discouraged.

Water Leak in Aylesbury Road

Just for information, the leak almost opposite Willow Gate has been reported multiple times to Thames Water. However no indication of when this will be addressed has been given.

2nd Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Following the positive effect our first SID has had on reducing speeding  traffic in the village,  a 2nd SID has been ordered by the PC and will be installed when it arrives in a 3-5 weeks.

Local Roadwork Dates from TfB

  • Aylesbury Road towards Cuddington- Monday 23rd August to Wednesday 25th August
  • Dark Lane – Thursday 16th September to Wednesday 29th September

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Messy Church this Sunday


So this Sunday, we have lots of free, fun, family activities planned for Messy Church at 4pm outside the village hall. We will be playing spot the difference, trying to "see" 3D pictures, trying braille writing on foil, trying to feed each other blindfold and trying to answer the BIG QUESTION "Why doesn't God heal everyone?". If you have time, can you bring along a pillowcase with items that others can feel and guess what they are. If not, we will have spare. Thanks and hope to see you there. xx

Monday 5 July 2021

Fred Crawford – Funeral Arrangements

Lynsey, Fred Crawford’s daughter, is in the process of finalising arrangements for her father’s funeral.

The service will take place on Friday 23rd July at the Milton Chapel at the Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham at 11.30, followed by a wake at Magnolia Park in the Hughenden Valley.

A copy of Lynsey’s invitation is available on this link.

She would like as many of her father’s friends as possible to attend the funeral, but, as all will appreciate, there is still some uncertainty about numbers allowed to participate at funeral services.

As a result, she has issued a limited number of invitations to family and close friends at this stage.

But there remains a reasonable chance that there may be some relaxation of restrictions on numbers on 19th July, a few days before the day itself.

If you would like to attend the service & reception on 23rd July, please let Lynsey know on 07799 408617 or

For those for whom attendance does not prove possible, Lynsey would like all to know that she is planning to arrange a memorial service and celebration of her father’s life at a later date.

Thursday 1 July 2021


 He found his own way home by 2am.