Friday 28 October 2022

The Village Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion ‘Poppy Appeal’ for 2022 has begun.

Our volunteers will be visiting homes in the village over the coming days to ask for your donations – please support this worthy cause if you can.

Sincere thanks to this year’s Poppy Appeal ‘team’ – Alex Wall Morris, Anne Burnett, Geoff Olding, Gill Wight, Karen Vear and Suzanne Jacobs - one of whom may be knocking on your door in the near future.

If you would like to make a direct donation, our volunteers will have details of this year’s Poppy Appeal bank details to enable you to make an online transfer of funds.

The traditional Remembrance Day service will take place at our War Memorial on Sunday 13th November starting at 10.45 am.

Thursday 27 October 2022

Chearsley News 27/10/22

Village Shop Survey

Sadly our village shop has had to close due to financial difficulties arising from a lack of customers.

 The Parish Council is keen to understand why this situation has arisen and to establish if there is support in the village for another shop.  It needs to understand what sort of shop might be viable, the potential level of support and how it might be managed (i.e. commercially operated or run by volunteers). 

To assist with this, the Council is asking residents please to complete the short survey presented here. There will also be hard copies distributed in the village shortly. It will take only a few minutes and is completely ANONYMOUS.  Even if you did not use the shop or have no interest in using one in the future, it would be very helpful if you would complete the survey.  

The Parish Council will host an open village meeting on Thursday Nov 10th 7.30pm which will provide another opportunity to ask questions and share your thoughts.  You are also welcome of course to send any questions or further comments not covered in the survey to

 Deadline to complete the survey is Friday 11 November - thank you in advance!

Chearsley Village Historical Society - Village School Group

As many will be aware, Chearsley Village School was forced to close its doors in July 1988, having been an integral part of our village community for over 100 years. Under the banner of our new village historical society, a Chearsley Village School Group held an inaugural meeting during last week, with the aim of creating a detailed record of historical materials, illustrating life at the school over all those years. It is also planned to hold a ‘Chearsley Village School Reunion’ event during 2023.

We would therefore like to make contact with as many of the school’s ‘former pupils’ as possible, who’d be happy to share their memories and photographs of their school days.

If you went to the school or you have family members or friends who did, please do get in touch with John Howard ( or 07970 651326) – with contact details and the years of attendance at the school.

We looking forward to hearing from you.

Thursday 13 October 2022

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Thursday 6 October 2022

Village News

 Village Shop in danger of closing at end of October 2022

The current lessee has been losing money as sales have not covered expenses for several months so has stated that he is looking to give up the lease whose term ends this month. Therefore the Parish Council is meeting to ascertain what, if anything, can be done. If you have any views or suggestions please send to or attend the village meeting on the 17th October at the Village Hall

The next Parish Council meeting is at the Village Hall 7.30 pm Monday October 17th

The final agenda will be put up on the noticeboard as usual. The potential village shop closure will be an agenda item as noted above.

Chearsley Car Show on October 2

Despite being rearranged at short notice due to the death of the Queen, this was a great success with some 350 exhibitors and a profit of ~£6,000 which will go to the cricket club. There was a tremendous turnout of volunteers and much hard work to ensure this was such a success. Thanks to the committee, all those that helped through the day and all those who donated prizes, bottles, cakes etc

Wetland Restoration Project at Manor Farm

More details of this project can be found at this link.

Donations sought to improve Chearsley to Notley Path by raising the bridge across the stream

New wide gates are being fitted either side of the little footbridge and to build up the ground level both on the Haddenham side and across the front of the steel field gate. This will entail Nick laying down 100 tons of his chalk to provide a raised walkway where it perennially floods. This will be capped with 20 tons of 70/40 mm aggregate to provide a firm and hopefully immovable raised path from the bridge to the mill race embankment - see photo below. The cost of this aggregate delivered to site at £23/ton is £460. We will raise the field gate on the RHS so that it can still be opened over the new raised path.

On the Haddenham side of the bridge 20 tons of Type 1 aggregate will bring up the field ground level at the bridge, again where it floods - see photo below. 20 tons at £32/ton will cost £640.

The total cost with VAT is £1,320. Haddenham RIPPLE has promised £200. Chearsley PC have contributed £200 already and several other individuals have already contributed.If you would like to consider donating towards this project please send to :

Mr WJ Piers Sort: 07-01-16 Acct: 40931965

Donors will be recognised by a plaque on the bridge.

Tuesday 4 October 2022