Thursday 29 November 2007

29th November 2007

Village News from Margaret Morbey
Chearsley W.I.
Chearsley W.I. have recently planted a liquid amber tree on the Village Green as part of its Jubilee celebrations held last year.
They are also pleased to learn that their resolution calling for a ban on trawling the ocean beds has been short listed for selection for debate at the National Federation’s annual meeting at the Royal Albert Hall next year.
Children’s Society Christingle Service
This charming service will be held in St. Nicholas on Sunday 9th December at 6p.m.
Have your Say – Together we can make a Safer Community
Thames Valley Police, AVDC and Bucks County Council invite us all to Haddenham Library on Saturday 15th December from 10.30 to 12.30. They would like our help to find out how we want our village to be made a better place in which to live.
New Year’s Eve at The Bell
If you don’t want to drive home after celebrating New Year or try to book a taxi, The Bell is the place to be for New Year. For £10, the pub is providing live music, a disco, buffet food, and champagne. Starting at 7.00p.m. till late.

Friday 16 November 2007

16th November 2007

Village News from Margaret Morbey

Mobile Library

Monday November 26th is the next time the Mobile Library visits Chearsley in The Bell car park. The van arrives at 10.35 and leaves at 11.05. We are lucky to have a visit, albeit for a short time every other Monday, so please support it if you can.

Christmas at The Bell
The Bell has a Christmas Menu priced at £19.95 per person – a traditional Roast Turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding etc. Give them a visit or phone them on 208077 and pick up a menu and make your reservations as soon as possible. The Christmas meals start on December 3rd. Why not get together with your friends or neighbours and make a good start to Christmas?

Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 12th November
A few matters arising from this meeting :
The Shop : Although nothing tangible has happened concerning the future of the shop, there is still great interest and concern over what is or is not happening. Nic Brown, as the main person involved in doing the best for the village regarding the shop, has it very much in mind.
Plans are still being arranged regarding the redevelopment of the pond area and a volunteer band is being assembled. Anyone interested, please contact Clare Clark of the Parish Council.
Sunday Collections
It was noted that there are no longer Sunday Collections from the pillar box.
Chuf 40th anniversary
It was reported that Chuf had requested to erect a marquee on the Jubilee playing fields as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations. This was agreed with certain health and safety issues.
Tug of War
Arrangements for the revival of this competition against Cuddington are coming along, probably to take place across the river at Cuddington Mill. Male, female and mixed youth teams are planned. If you are interested in helping or pulling, contact Sonia Timberlake.
A418 junction
This difficult and dangerous junction was discussed. A joint request with Cuddington to AVDC to consider altering the road layout to be similar to that at the Dinton turn was agreed. David Smith also agreed to ask them for a review.
Highways Engineer
The general state and appearance of the roads and verges in Chearsley was discussed, and it was agreed that the Highways engineer should be invited to visit to view the roads, with regard to potholes, blocked drains, verges, the state of the path across the Green etc.
Quarterly Newsletter from the Parish Council
It was agreed that a regular newsletter would be a good way in which to keep the village informed and interested in events and matters of concern in Chearsley, and to include contributions from all village societies and clubs.
The date of the next meeting was arranged from Monday 10th December in the village hall at 7.30p.m.