Tuesday 18 April 2023

Saturday 22 April - Pop up Manor Farm shop with Chearsley farm produce !

Hello everyone,

We have had a very busy time with lambing and now have just 4 sheep left to lamb! I expect many of you have seen them out in the fields - with the occasional escape artist on the footpath!

Spring is here, with bursting buds, blossom and birdsong. We have some delicious meat which will be available to buy at the farm in my ‘pop up shop’ on Saturday 22nd morning from 10-12am - I have beef and lamb and apple juice. If you’d like to order in advance, just drop me a line.

I hope to see some familiar faces and some new ones. I am thinking of making this a regular event so please spread the word (feel free to forward this email) and soon my new website will be up (www.rosedalesorganicfarm.com) with information about produce, farm walks and shop times if you sign up to the newsletter.

All information about produce is below - I can deliver locally if you would prefer.
If anyone else would like to bring produce to sell, they are welcome. Also a local friend who grows sustainable flowers plans to be there with her beautiful blooms. Please come along! 
All the best

Rose Dale’s Organic Farm

We farm with nature in mind. Our farm is organic certified and our livestock are certified pure grass-fed. We aim to regenerate soil health, minimise carbon and increase biodiversity while producing healthy nutritious food. All our animals are born and raised on the farm.

Pure grass fed heritage breed lamb, hogget and mutton
Traditional breeds 

Half a lamb or hogget at £130-£150 depending on weight
I mainly sell lambs or hoggets (larger, year-old lambs) as half a carcass (all expertly butchered and packed). 
Half an organic lamb is usually £130 and includes a shoulder, leg, rack of lamb, 6 chops, neck chops, a pack of diced and a pack of mince - and liver if you would like it.

Feel free to add in extra items or some beef with your lamb order.

Individual lamb, hogget or mutton cuts 
Leg £22.50
Shoulder £19.50
Chops/Barnsley chops £25
Rack of lamb £32
Cutlets £32
Neck fillet £27.50
Neck chops £15
Diced lamb £25
Minced lamb £17
Liver £15
Heart £2.50
Kidneys £2.50 for 2

English Longhorn organic beef
This is particularly prized with wonderful marbled meat. 
I really prefer to deliver boxes (to save time) but am happy to tweak the contents - feel free to specify your favourite steaks, joint or the weight of joint you want and I will do my best! Buying a box of packs or several items at a time will mean you have it ready to use in your freezer when you next feel like some delicious beef!

Feel free to add in extra items or some lamb with your beef order.

Luxury box about £115-£160 depending on weight and exact contents
Rib eye, sirloin or fillet - 2 packs of 2 steaks
1 x Topside or roast  
1 x Slow roast 
2 packs of diced 500g
4 packs of mince 500g

Standard box about £105-£125 depending on weight and exact contents
Rump - 2 packs of 2 steaks
1 x Best roast 
1 x Slow roast 
2 packs of diced 500g
4 packs of mince 500g

Mini box about £70-90 depending on weight and exact contents
1 x pack of steaks
1 x best roast 
1 x slow roast 
1 x pack diced 500g
2 x mince 500g

Individual beef cuts 
Fillet £60
Rib eye £37.50
Sirloin £37.50
Rump £27
Topside or top rump or back rib roasting joint £22
Silverside £17
Brisket £16
Diced £17
Mince £13
Bones for broth £10

Chearsley apple juice -  I have delicious apple juice - £4 each or £40 for 12 bottles. It is not certified organic because of expense certifying the pressing but it is pressed separately in a clean apple press at the beginning of the pressing day and all is grown organically at our farm.

Monday 17 April 2023

The Big Help Out

 Come and pull ivy off trees, sweep the tower steps, polish brass, collect mole hills or just natter with a piece of cake.

Coronation Weekend

There are limited spaces, so get your tickets now.


Tuesday 11 April 2023

This Saturday

Do you feel empty? Are you wondering if there is more to life? If God exists? If so, this could be for you.


Saturday 8 April 2023


 What lovely weather for a Good Friday walk from Nether Winchendon to Chearsley to Long Crendon.

All are welcome to our Easter Sunday service tomorrow at 10am in St Nicholas Church, Chearsley.

Monday 3 April 2023