Sunday 1 July 2001

Old Boys Pull It Off!

In glorious July weather, I was honoured to take part in the inaugural match for the Wicked Maiden Challenge Trophy.
Some images will remain in my mind for many years - the young Bucks doing a formation flypast as BA pilot Dave Thomas was dismissed, the look on the Grimsdell boys' faces as they each caught and bowled me for 0, the can of beer discreetly snuggling in an umpire's pocket and, of course, Nico Brown's eloquent and dignified speech as he presented the trophy to his father.


Match Report by John Howard

The first ever Wicked Maiden Trophy was contested at Chearsley this weekend. The match featured The Elder Statesmen (ages somewhere between 28 and 65) captained by Nic Brown - and The Young Bucks, including a large number of junior players, captained by Tim Morbey.

The youngsters opened the batting and quickly set about their geriatric opponents. Their were a number of excellent performances as they cruised to a total of 189 in the allotted 35 overs. John Grimsdell scored 59, and Charlie Howard (24) and James Corpe(23) were the other top scorers. ‘Shambolic’ would be a very generous description of the fielding performance by The Elder Statesmen, which culminated in Mark Gillis and Leif Hytten colliding as they conspired to miss an easy catch.

If the fielding was shambolic, the batting by The Elder Statesmen was hardly in accordance with the Lords coaching manuals. Fortunately for them the tournament rules were contrived to discriminate against their more skilled opponents - as each side were allowed to bat out their 35 overs, regardless of the number of wickets lost. The performance by the youngsters in the field was exemplary. Nico Brown and Tristan Corpe had the great satisfaction of dismissing their own fathers, while the Grimsdell brothers, John and Nick, took a total of 9 catches. The Elder Statesmen reached the total set by the youngsters with just 2 balls to spare - with the loss of no less than 20 wickets !!

Despite the very obvious deficiencies in the cricketing skills of The Elder Statesmen, it was a hugely enjoyable day and all the youngsters did themselves proud. The event was well supported by the Village, and raised nearly £900 for development of junior cricket at Chearsley. Our thanks to all involved - players, umpires, helpers and spectators alike. A very special thank-you to Nic and Jackie Brown and the youngsters’ team manager, Sue Grimsdell, who masterminded the event, and also our tournament sponsors, Travel Inn.

The Wicked Maiden Trophy now sits alluringly on the shelf behind the bar at The Bell, and will be even more keenly contested next year.

John Howard Snr.


Other highlights of the day included the auction of a water-colour by local artist, John Capstick, who kindly donated "Cricket in the Park". This raised an incredible £160 and now graces the Downer family home. The main raffle prize of the LORD's MCC cricket ball was won by Mark Smillie.

Scorer for the day, Ian Horrocks, basks in the sunshine and below, some of the 100+ crowd.