Thursday 16 November 2000

Breakfast at The Bell...

Dawn breaks, and the maitre d' prepares for the day.

Judging by the straight backs, this was obviously taken early on in the proceedings.

All nationalities are represented - an early Viking (nearly from the Isle of Man?) shares a joke.

John Miles, the thinking woman's Des Lynam, tells the one about the Kiwi and the call-girl.

Och, there's some wi' hair and some wi' nowt.

Sue Grimsdell deals with a troublemaker with a swift right uppercut.

Revellers, aghast at the lack of entertainment, attempt to start a game of 1 potato, 2 potato...

Julie is held upright by friendly staff as Sue keeps her glass the right way up.

Legend has it that 'Bunny' Mitchener was convinced he was photographing a mirror.