Tuesday 31 January 2012

Community Message

Statement from Director of the 2011 Census, Glen Watson:

Email Scam

We are aware that an email entitled 'Population Census: a message to everyone - act now' is being circulated, allegedly in the name of National Statistician, Jil Matheson. This email demands individuals provide further personal information, supposedly for the Census and threatens fines for non-compliance.

This email is a scam and a hoax. It has no connection whatsoever with the National Statistician, the 2011 Census or the Office for National Statistics.

We believe the links in the email could download malware to any computer where the user clicks on the links. This could put your personal data, including financial information, at risk.

Anyone receiving this, or similar emails, should delete them, not open any links and certainly not provide any information.

For more information on how to protect yourself from this type of threat, please see www.getsafeonline.org

If you wish to, please report receipt of any such suspicious emails to www.actionfraud.org.uk

ONS takes the protection of personal census information extremely seriously. Collection of census data was completed last year and no further requests will be forthcoming from the Office for National Statistics relating to the 2011 Census.

Friday 27 January 2012

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

Sad News
Cyndy Whiffin, who had been seriously ill in hospital, sadly died on Tuesday night. Her funeral will be at 3.00 on Thursday Feb 2nd at St Nicholas. Family flowers only. Donations can be made to Barnado’s, one of the organisations for which she worked; a fund is being arranged by Co-operative Funeralcare, High Street, Thame.
All love and condolences to her husband, Alan, and children, Ruth, Toby and David. Our thoughts are with you all.

Bins, baskets for paper, cans and plastics and boxes for glass will be collected on Tuesday February 7.

Monthly Lunch
About 14 “older” Chearsley residents met up again to enjoy another good meal at The Bell on Wednesday January 25. This is an occasion and opportunity to support the village pub and to meet up with other residents for company and chat. It is very informal and everyone of a certain age, on your own or couples will all be made very welcome. The February lunch will be held on Wednesday February 22 at 12.30. Please ring Ann Hooton on 201799 for more details and to choose your menu.

Baby Congratulations
Another Chearsley family is celebrating the birth of 2 babies within a week of each other. Della and Alan Mitchener became Grandparents to Adaline Iris on January 9. She is the second daughter for their son Dan and his wife, Victoria and a sister to Clemmie. Their older son, David and his wife Justine had their first child, Hebe Ann Laurie on January 16. Congratulations to all the Mitcheners. A busy time for Della and Alan who now have 7 grandchildren.

Busy time at The Bell...

  • Bingo  The next Bingo session will be on Tuesday February 7. Eyes down about 8.30pm, or come earlier to take advantage of a special price evening meal. 
  • Sunday Quiz  Last month’s winning team of Jamie, Tina, John and Sarah will be setting the questions for the Quiz on Sunday February 12 at 7.30pm. Entry costs £1 with a cash prize for the winners. 
  • Valentines Night  The Bell is offering '2 Dine with Wine' for £25 as their Valentine Special Night on Tuesday February 14. Booking only.

Monday 23 January 2012

Adverse Weather - Emergency Help

As the Volunteer Centre for Buckinghamshire, Community Impact Bucks is about to run a recruitment campaign raising awareness of the need for volunteers who would be available to help their neighbours or vulnerable people in their local community in the case of bad weather or other emergency. This might be collecting a prescription, clearing snow or other blockages, delivering essential groceries or simply checking that someone is alright. The recruitment campaign will start in early February and run until the end of March.

To ensure that the best use is made of those who volunteer in response to the campaign we would like to prepare a directory of groups and organisations who provide such emergency support. We will then be able to refer volunteers to a group or organisation in their local area.

If you would like to be included in this directory please contact Joy Johns at Community Impact Bucks 0845 3890389 or send an email  providing the name of your organisation, the area you cover, the services you provide and your contact details.

Thursday 19 January 2012

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

Monthly Quiz at The Bell
Another successful Quiz was held on Sunday January 15 and the winning team Anybodys will be setting the questions for next month to take place on Sunday February 12. Come along on the night or make up a table and book your place with Ollie and Sharon at The Bell.

Charity Bottle
One person’s loss is another one’s gain. In this instance, a Chearsley villager has lost more than 3 stone over 3 months and has donated £200 to the charity bottle in The Bell which will go towards an Eye Scanner at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Mobile Library
This will next be in the village on Monday January 30 from 12.20 until 12.45pm.

Parish Council Meeting Monday January 16
This took place under the chairmanship of the Vice Chairman, Leif Hytten with 3 members of the public present.

During the Public Session, Ann Hooton informed the meeting of the Bulk Oil buying scheme of which she is Chearsley’s co-ordinator and invited anyone interested in benefiting from cheaper oil through bulk buying to get in touch with her and to complete an application form. Ann’s phone number is 208306 and her email is annhooton@yahoo.co.uk.

Chuf’s use of the village hall possibly curbing its use by others at weekends was discussed and agreed to be looked into at the next Village Hall Management Committee meeting.

The budget was approved, which includes provision and maintenance of 2 dog bins, a footpath survey and village plan. Siting of the dog bins during the trial period will be discussed.

Two quotes for work to the trees on the Green, chestnut tree and walnut tree had been obtained, but could not be started until planning permission to cut down one sycamore on the Green was obtained.

An amended plan concerning the entrance to the proposed new house at land to the rear of Old House School Lane had been submitted, which was noted and no action needed.

Village Survey – this had now been completed. There had been 72 responses, representing 16.9% of the 426 people on the Electoral Role. From the survey, it was agreed to put forward Option C to AVDC as the Parish Council’s decision regarding future planning. A meeting of all villagers who agreed to become involved in the Parish Plan would be arranged shortly.

Highways and Open Areas – Dave Smith from AVDC to be asked to visit again to discuss blocked drains in Dark Lane possibly from building work, and the deterioration of Aylesbury Road. Worn road markings by Shupps Lane and Church Lane with possibility of removing all road markings could also be discussed at this time.

Traffic Calming – It was reported that Chearsley could possibly get a grant from the LAF budget project. Clare Lazaruk was looking into this.

Celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee, Olympics and Fete – another meeting to discuss this would be made in February.

Wild flower areas - Mike Heybrook suggested an area near the Old Granary, Crendon Road, which could become a trial area for reseeding and sowing with wild flowers, and with many areas in the village which could benefit from a twice yearly strim.

Free Thermal images survey. Mike Heybrook would be putting a poster on the Noticeboard with more details of this survey, funded by LAF , which invites anyone to have their house surveyed to record heat loss.

The next meeting will be held on Monday February 13in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Community Message

received from the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network

Information has been received from the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) concerning a website purporting to be Neighbourhood Watch.

The website is called www.nhwo.co.uk and was launched on 14th December 2011. This website is not supported by the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network and has no links with them. The marketing of the site is pitched to NHW members to register their scheme and obtain membership resources. They are marketing a ‘co-ordinators’ pack at £39.99 which includes 2 street signs, stickers and a high visibility vest with Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator on the back. There is no mention of good practice; partnership working with the local police service or insurances.

Concern has been expressed over the lack of co-ordination of the scheme; the possible mis-use of the high visibility vest and the gathering of personal details including banking details from those who have signed up to the site and purchased materials. (NHW Members are reminded not to divulge their personal or banking details to anyone)

Discussions have already been held with ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) the Home Office the Scottish NHW Association.

Anyone wishing to join a NHW scheme should contact a member of their local Neighbourhood Policing Team or the Neighbourhood Watch Administrator who can be contacted on the police non-emergency telephone number 101.

Friday 13 January 2012

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

At the beginning of a new year, love, prayers and good wishes from Chearsley villagers go to Cyndy Whiffen and her family, and also to John Wynburne, our vicar.  Cyndy has been seriously ill in Stoke Mandeville hospital, since the beginning of December, and John soon  has to receive some  treatment in hospital.

Two Grandchildren in a week
Mary Norton, who lived in Chearsley for many years with her two children, Zoe and Miles became a Grandparent shortly before Christmas. Both babies were expected on the same date. However,  Zachary James was born to Miles and Danni on December 13th and Ruby Rose was born to Zoe and her husband, Stu on December 17th, thus enabling Mary to attend both births. She is now helping her daughter in London, while Great Aunt Caroline (Crimp) helps Danni with her son in Thame. Congratulations to you all. Thank you to Peter, Mary’s husband for the details.

Bingo at The Bell
Another year of  the monthly sessions of Bingo started on Tuesday January 3, with a good crowd of hopeful  winners. Andy and Paul, the regular, now highly skilled callers (only one ball was dropped on the floor this time ) did a good job. The raffle made £32 for the charity bottle. The next Bingo will be on Tuesday February 7, starting at about 8.30pm.  Birthday Congratulations on Friday 13th (unlucky for some) go to Paul – Bulls Eye and Bung Hole!

Chearsley Shop
Hopefully, now that the shop has been open with such long hours for a couple of months, everyone in the village has been in to shop and appreciate its good stock.  Just a reminder as to what Jayan and his wife have to offer in addition to the everyday essentials  – dry cleaning with pick up dates Tuesdays and Fridays, greetings cards, phone top ups, books of stamps. It is hoped to have a credit card machine operating very soon. Jayan is also willing to deliver  daily newspapers with free delivery for 3 months. All you have to do is ask.

Carol Singing Round the Village

Both Debra and Cystic Fibrosis have had donations of £250 each from the money raised from carol singing before Christmas. Well done to all the singers.

The next collection of baskets for paper, cans and plastics will be on Tuesday January 24.

Community Impact Bucks Bulk Oil Buying Scheme

We are being invited to join a scheme whereby through bulk buying, oil can be bought more cheaply.  It works by contacting a local co-ordinator when you need oil, (there is a monthly ordering deadline and 2 weeks should be allowed for delivery). Once a month, the co-ordinator reports how much oil is needed for our area. The bulk oil purchase is then negotiated by the oil buyer, and the co-ordinator is then informed of the price per litre and delivery date.  The customer pays the supplier for the oil and there is a minimum order of 500 litres. In November, the member price was 55.5p per litre compared to an average quoted price of 62p and the highest being 71p. So, even with an annual membership fee of £20, savings can be made. Ann Hooton has applied to become our local co-ordinator and she would be pleased if you could contact her if you think you may be interested in joining. Her number is 208306.  For more details please ring 0845 3890389 or email communityoilbuying@communityimpactbucks.org.uk.

Moving Into Care
Aylesbury and Buckingham Alzheimer’s Society are holding a workshop for carers of people with dementia who may be considering long term care. This will be held at The Holiday Inn, Aston Clinton Road, Aylesbury on Wednesday February 22 from 10 until 3. The workshop will include decision making, adapting to change, and practical issues surrounding moving to a care home. Please contact the Society on 01296 331722 or email Aylesbury@alzheimers.org.uk  for more information and to book a place.

Grandparents’ Association

This local support group invites all grandparents and families to a meeting at The Holiday Inn, Aston Clinton Road, Aylesbury on Wednesday February 8 at 7pm. They meet monthly  to offer support and advice, to promote and create awareness of contact issues in general and concerning lost or denied contact and help for grandparents  raising grandchildren.

Road works in School Lane

We are warned that water main replacement work in School Lane may last for 6 weeks from January 16.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Neighbourhood Police Team: January Newsletter

The Neighbourhood Police Newsletter for January 2012 can be downloaded here.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Community Oil Buying Scheme

The scheme, which has just been launched, is aimed at bringing communities together to make the most of joint buying power so that greater savings can be made and passed on to customers.

Find out more at Community Impact Bucks.

Full details of how the scheme works are set out in two leaflets - one for local community co-ordinators, and one for members of the scheme available here.

For more details telephone 0845 389 0389 or email communityoilbuying@communityimpactbucks.org.uk

Community Impact Bucks is looking for local co-ordinators to help run its new community bulk-buying scheme for domestic heating oil.

Monday 9 January 2012

Returning a faulty Christmas gift

Advice from the CAB

Whatever time of year – be it Christmas or summer – the goods you buy must be of satisfactory quality (not faulty).  If not, you’re entitled to your money back if you’re quick.  If you aren’t quick you could be offered a repair or replacement instead to put things right.  The shop will usually want to see the receipt to prove that it was bought at that store.  It is the purchaser of the gift who has the right to return the goods.  However, if you’ve got the receipt the shop might be flexible and let you get a replacement without involving the purchaser.  It might be worth calling the customer services department of the store first, to check if they will swap the present, even though you did not buy it.

When buying something as a present, always ask the store for a gift receipt!

For more information about your consumer rights, go to the Citizens Advice website: www.adviceguide.org.uk
CAB adviceline  08 444 111 444 or 0300 3300 650(mobile)
Your local CAB is in Market Square, Thame