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Friday, 15 October 2021

Church Open


Many of us have now heard the very sad news that villager, Les, lost his life in the fire at his home in the early hours of this morning. Sharon and family are all fine, but, understandably, will not be serving coffee and cake this morning. The church will be open all day, and Rev Richard will be serving tea, coffee and cake, from 11.00am – 12.00 pm, kindly provided by Jay at the village shop. Everyone is welcome, and to light a candle for Les today from 5.30 – 6.00 whilst the churchyard team are hard at work outside.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


Thursday, 7 October 2021

Messy Church - This Sunday

Come along at 4pm on Sunday to the village hall for our re-launch of Messy Church.  As usual we will have crafts, games and other activities, followed by a short worship and then a pasta meal with cake and fruit.  This month we will be thinking about "light" and making these fabulous lanterns.  There will also be a tent for toddlers to explore, an obstacle course to navigate blindfolded, a Big Bang Box with big questions to debate and more.  We especially welcome anyone who is new to the village.  For more information, please contact or 01844 208740. 


Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Monday, 23 August 2021

Chearsley Car Show Sept 12th - can you help ?

Just a quick note to tell you that the arrangements for the Car Show are progressing well. As you may know, all proceeds from the day will be invested in the development of Junior cricket at the club.

A key to the success of our event over the years has been the fantastic support the organisers have received from a large group of ‘Team Chearsley’ volunteers.


Our ‘team leaders’ have already started recruiting volunteers to help during the day. If you haven’t yet been ‘recruited’ and would like to help, please get in touch with one of our ‘team leaders’ below.


Our vehicle registrations are already approaching the 300 mark and we’ve been picking up some good publicity….here’s a couple of examples


You may have seen our new poster on the village green and we’ll shortly be placing other posters at various key locations on approach roads to the village. We’ve just produced a promotional flyer for the event and if you could make use of a quantity, please let me know. Alternatively, feel free to make use of the pdf , available on this link, to produce a noticeboard poster or circulate to friends, family or other potential visitors.


As ever, your support will be greatly appreciated….thanks in anticipation.


The Classic Car Show Team

Thursday, 19 August 2021

In memory of Maria Allen Sept 4th 6pm Lammas Cottage

Now that Covid restrictions permit us to gather together again, Emma and Peter would like to invite Maria's many friends in the village and surrounding area to a small celebration of her life.

Saturday 4th September in the garden of Lammas Cottage from 6pm onwards for drinks and nibbles

Fireworks when darkness permits

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Chearsley CCTV Consultation

Communication for Chearsley Parishioners

In a bid to improve security and surveillance opportunities the Parish Council are currently looking at a very advanced CCTV project for the village with the UK security group based in Aylesbury.

The recommendation is to place the CCTV pole just close to the Bus shelter and behind the Post box in order to be able to have good lines of sight towards the Horse chestnut intersection as well as the road exits / entrances to the village green.

Having had this area mapped out by the UK security group its the best location given the ability to also keep the apparatus reasonably accessible and more discreet to those around this area.

The system is technically advanced with the potential to include automatic number plate recognition  ( ANPR ) and is monitored 24 hours a day within the central HQ in Aylesbury.

The technology is such that it has a privacy setting so that it openly looks at the target areas with all housing and gardens blanked out if requested.

It is important to note that no one from the general public including the Parish Council can access these images. It is only if an incident occurs and something is referred to the police that the images can be passed directly from UK Security onto the Police.

UK Security are fully GDPR compliant in how they treat this data confidentially.

I have with one of my colleagues Keith Turnbull recently visited the HQ of the UK Security Group and we were most impressed with the monitoring technology including the ability to go back in time to look at potential issues / incidents (usually 21 days ) that have been identified by reports on the ground by parishioners and also requests from the local police who have established that the route was possibly being used as a regular run for criminal purposes

The project has the full support and encouragement of the police and will undoubtedly give the security of our village a big boost.

We also have a number of testimonials from villages close by who have installed a similar system and all are extremely satisfied with the results achived to date . These testimonials can be made available for public consumption.

Once costs are finalised we are also hopeful that a good proportion of these costs will be met by external grants within Buckinghamshire as well as a contribution from the Parish council.

At the moment installation costs are in the region of 18K (including a provision for electric supply and a hook up to a WiFi router ) and I am confident the lions share can be funded by external grants as I say above , annual running costs will be about 1K

The purpose of this note is to be transparent about our intentions and by bringing this project to the wider Chearsley community we hope to get feedback and constructive comments that will help inform us of the potential support or otherwise that may be out there.

So just wanting to give you, the villagers, a heads up first and seek any initial thoughts before I bring to the full Parish Council for discussion ?? Comments, either supporting or raising questions, as ever please to

Should you wish to visit the HQ of the UK security group this can be arranged and also i am more than willing to have a face to face catch up with anyone if requested and indeed if much interest is noted then either a separate meeting at the village hall or if not a significant item on the PC agenda at our next meeting when all can attend.

Best Wishes 
Nic Brown

Chairman Chearsley Parish Council 

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Changes to the Chearsley News Email - please read

Due to changes made by Google, the company that hosts the Chearsley Blog, it will shortly not be possible for items posted on the Blog to be automatically sent out as 'Chearsley News' emails.  Because of that, we are having to change the way that Chearsley News is distributed.

We initially decided to use a company called follow-it, and you may have seen the one edition of Chearsley News that was issued that way.  We were however not satisfied with the result with lots of advertising everywhere, and so have decided instead to use Mail Chimp - the same platform that we have used for several years for distributing Parish Council communications.  A copy of this message is being issued using Mail Chimp to anyone who was subscribed to Chearsley News via the Chearsley Blog. We have moved your contact details over to Mail Chimp.

If you do not currently get the email but would like to, then send an email to asking to be added.

If you no longer wish to receive Chearsley News by email, you have two options for removing yourself from the mail list. 

Method 1.  Preferred method.  Send an email to telling us that you wish to be removed from the Chearsley News email.  We will then see to it.

Method 2.  Click below on 'unsubscribe from this list'.  HOWEVER - if you use this method, and you currently are also on the Parish Council communications list, you will be automatically removed from both lists.  To avoid unintentional results, we strongly recommend you use Method 1.

We're sorry for any difficulties caused by these new arrangements, but are sure they are the best we can make.

We hope you will stay with us, and continue to enjoy the interesting news stories, information and updates that Chearsley News brings you

unsubscribe from this list.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

o Bucks Council survey on bus services - your views requested

o Play around the Parishes

o New blog email distribution 

Bucks Council survey on bus services

Bucks Council are requesting your views on local bus services. The survey will close on Friday 3 September:

Play around the Parishes

Play around the Parishes returns to Ashendon next Wednesday, 18th August from 10am to 12pm.  It's a free event for children aged 1-10 living in Ashendon and the surrounds, with arts and crafts and fun activities.

All the fun takes place on the playing fields in Lower End, HP18 0HE, or in the event of wet weather, Ashendon Village Hall, HP18 0HB. If you are coming by car from the surrounding villages, please park in the Ashendon Playing Field car park.

Play around the Parishes is running 36 play sessions over 19 parishes this summer. All events are free. Details are here and on the Play around the Parishes facebook page

New Email Blog Distribution Mechanism

We have had to change the distribution mechanism as Google are deprecating Feedburner. We are trying Follow.IT so the email may look slightly different and there may be some issues while we adapt to this. However you should be able to still subscribe or unsubscribe to the email feed for new blog posts as before. 

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Local road closures for works next week - please read !


Aylesbury Road, Chearsley – Lammas Lane to Cannons Hill (Tuesday 27th July to Friday 30th July)
Plane and patch works using a road closure in operation between 7:00am and 6:00pm.
A418 Aylesbury Road, Haddenham - Pegasus Way Roundabout to Scotsgrove Turn (Thursday 29th July to Friday 30th July)
Surface Dressing works using a road closure in operation between 7:00am and 7:00pm.
Thame Road, Brill – The Old Chapel to B4011 (Friday 30th July to Saturday 31st July) **weekend working**
Surface Dressing works using a road closure in operation between 7:00am and 7:00pm.


Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Free online training for support with your community garden/own gardening

Free online training for support with your community garden/own gardening-

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ADULT LEARNING will be providing a series of FREE online, bite-sized workshops to help you develop your gardening knowledge and skills, so your fruit and vegetables thrive.

Places will be limited, to book your place please call the Adult Learning Enrolment Team on 01296 383582 quoting the course code:


Wednesday 21st July 2021


Soil and compost

  • How to make your own compost
  • How to know if your soil is of good quality and improve what you have



Wednesday 21st July 2021


Weeds and pest control

  • Different methods to control weeds and pests
  • How to identify a weed from a plant



Wednesday 28th July 2021


When and how to grow fruit

  • Seasons for growing different fruit
  • Top tips for growing fruit



Wednesday 28th July 2021


When and how to grow vegetables

  • Seasons for growing different vegetables
  • How to save seeds



Community Growing Sites (

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Village Update July 8th

o Village Party July 24th

o Chearsley Car Show Sunday 12th September

o Car Security - Protect your Remote Access Keys

o Please Don’t Feed Our Red Kites

o Water leak on Aylesbury Road

o 2nd Speed Indicator Device ordered.

o Roadwork Dates from TfB

Village Party July 24th

Chearsley Car Show September Sunday 12th September

The organising committee of the Chearsley Village ‘Classic & Vintage Fun Day’ are telling car owners and other enthusiasts to put Sunday 12th September in their diaries

The 10th Chearsley Village ‘Classic & Vintage Fun Day’, hosted by Chearsley Cricket Club, is due to take place on that date.

Last year’s show had to be cancelled due to the COVID epidemic but the organising committee are pressing ahead with the planning for the 2021 event, recognising that they may need to modify some aspects of the traditional format of the show in order to meet any required ‘social distancing’ rules and guidelines.

At the last show in September 2019, over 300 vehicles attended the show. At the end of June this year, around 200 owners had already registered their vehicles for the 2021 event.

Registration can be completed online at:

The show will open for the general public at 11.00, and close at 17.00. Entry and parking are free of charge.

In addition to a wide selection of classic and vintage vehicles, visitors will also be able to enjoy a flypast courtesy of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and visit arts & craft stalls. There will also be entertainments for youngsters, a programme of live music and a wide range of food and drinks available.

A major feature of this year’s event will be a tribute to one of the show’s founders, Fred Crawford. Sadly, he passed away very suddenly in early June, following a short illness. Fred made a huge contribution to the successful development of the show from its humble beginnings ten years ago.

All funds raised during the show will be invested in the development of Junior Cricket at Chearsley and a donation will be made to a COVID-related charity.

The success of our show is wholly dependent on the support of club members and the local community - over 50 volunteers lent their services on the day at the last event in 2019. Our 'team leaders' will be beginning their recruitment in the weeks ahead. Please help if you can…..

Car Security - Protect your remote Access car keys

The Parish Council has been looking into properly monitored CCTV as a way of preventing the spate of thefts involving lawnmowers, valuables from cars and even the cars themselves. This has been growing rapidly in the area. Keep all valuables out of sight and locked away where possible, whether in your car or on your drive. Furthermore the CCTV security experts we spoke to informed us that many car thefts are carried out by stealing codes from remote access car keys. This is done by the thieves operating a specialised receiver  sitting in a car parked near to your house or car park. Therefore consider keeping your car keys in a RF proof pouch and when at home in a metal container. These are available from Amazon at reasonable cost and are very effective. We heard that 1 individual in Aylesbury has had 3 cars stolen from his house in as many months using this method. 

Please Don’t Feed Our Red Kites

Increasing clusters of Red Kites have been noted in certain parts of the village. They are also dropping what appears to be rotting animal detritus from local feeding into villagers back gardens. The official advice from both the Chilterns Conservation Board and Royal Society for Protection of Birds is not to feed Red Kites. Normally Red Kites shy away from human contact but encouraging them to feed in gardens has lead to increasingly reported accounts nationally of seagull like behaviours where they will snatch food outdoors from a hand or an occupied table. Red Kites are large and strong birds with a 6 foot wingspan and very sharp and powerful talons so close human contact is to be discouraged.

Water Leak in Aylesbury Road

Just for information, the leak almost opposite Willow Gate has been reported multiple times to Thames Water. However no indication of when this will be addressed has been given.

2nd Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Following the positive effect our first SID has had on reducing speeding  traffic in the village,  a 2nd SID has been ordered by the PC and will be installed when it arrives in a 3-5 weeks.

Local Roadwork Dates from TfB

  • Aylesbury Road towards Cuddington- Monday 23rd August to Wednesday 25th August
  • Dark Lane – Thursday 16th September to Wednesday 29th September

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Messy Church this Sunday


So this Sunday, we have lots of free, fun, family activities planned for Messy Church at 4pm outside the village hall. We will be playing spot the difference, trying to "see" 3D pictures, trying braille writing on foil, trying to feed each other blindfold and trying to answer the BIG QUESTION "Why doesn't God heal everyone?". If you have time, can you bring along a pillowcase with items that others can feel and guess what they are. If not, we will have spare. Thanks and hope to see you there. xx

Monday, 5 July 2021

Fred Crawford – Funeral Arrangements

Lynsey, Fred Crawford’s daughter, is in the process of finalising arrangements for her father’s funeral.

The service will take place on Friday 23rd July at the Milton Chapel at the Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham at 11.30, followed by a wake at Magnolia Park in the Hughenden Valley.

A copy of Lynsey’s invitation is available on this link.

She would like as many of her father’s friends as possible to attend the funeral, but, as all will appreciate, there is still some uncertainty about numbers allowed to participate at funeral services.

As a result, she has issued a limited number of invitations to family and close friends at this stage.

But there remains a reasonable chance that there may be some relaxation of restrictions on numbers on 19th July, a few days before the day itself.

If you would like to attend the service & reception on 23rd July, please let Lynsey know on 07799 408617 or

For those for whom attendance does not prove possible, Lynsey would like all to know that she is planning to arrange a memorial service and celebration of her father’s life at a later date.

Thursday, 1 July 2021


 He found his own way home by 2am.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Lost Dog - Please Keep a Lookout

Anna and David Taylor have lost their dog (Woody). Last seen at the cricket club and crossing the main road at about 7pm. If you see/find Woody please contact Anna asap. 07979 655648

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Upcoming Chearsley Road Improvements and Dates

Your Parish Council was reassured to read the latest report by Transport for Bucks showing that their programme of works for the months ahead includes overdue repairs to the Aylesbury Road towards Cuddington and Dark Lane in the village.

The time slots given for the works are:


Aylesbury Road - Monday 23rd August to Wednesday 25th August

Dark Lane – Thursday 16th September to Wednesday 29th September


There will be inevitable disruption to our normal car travel during these works and the Parish Council will do its utmost to ensure we have full details of the planned restrictions well ahead of the date.

Up to date information can be found at and searching on Chearsley (or indeed anywhere else in Bucks).




Sunday, 20 June 2021

Village Update


  • Theft of lawn mowing equipment from Village Green 
  • Reports of a suspicious individual roaming the allotment and house driveways
  • June Parish Council Meeting
  • Communication from the PM by Gilly Hall Travers

Theft of lawn mowing equipment

Unfortunately there has been more theft in the village. Graham King had a lawnmower and a strimmer stolen at around 1.20pm  on Saturday June19. He was cutting some of the village grass and left a spare mower and strimmer unattended for a couple of minutes next to his van and that was long enough. His van was parked on the grass by the black and white (retro) Chearsley multi-direction sign on the junction at the bottom of Chilton Rd. He’s reported it. If anyone saw anyone or anything unusual at this time please report to the local CPSO Danny Fahy at

Suspicious Individual ?

Also on Saturday, but at 10pm, an unknown man was spotted going into the allotment, then going into the driveways of the new houses nearby and was then last seen heading down Church Lane. He was around 30 wearing a black hat, black coat and trousers and had a dark beard. When challenged he said he was from Cuddington and just looking for unregistered land(?). This has been reported to the local CPSO. Given the amount of petty theft being reported in Chearsley and neighbouring villages please keep your levels of vigilance and security high.

June Parish Council Meeting

This will be held at 7.30 on Monday June 21 and will be live streamed on Please send comments, information or questions to

Communication from the PM by Gilly Hall Travers

"Boris and I met on the set of Have I For News For You when he was our Christmas host and I was the Executive Producer. When we chatted in the Green Room after the show we discovered we had both studied Classics at University. Boris at Balliol, Oxford Classical Philosophy and Ancient Literature and myself at Royal Holloway

Latin and Ancient Greek.


So I sent Boris a copy of my Cookery Book 'Italian and Roman Feasts' – it has an underbelly of Roman Cookery but transported into the modern day Italian kitchen.


I said in my missive that that I was donating my royalties from my cookery book and my little novel The Unforgettable Affair to the Captain Tom Foundation for COVID and I thought it might give him a little diversion and cheer. The reply from his office is below"

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Farewell to Fred Crawford

Our village community is still in a state of shock following the tragic news of the sudden and untimely passing of Fred Crawford.

Fred, aged 74 years, passed away peacefully at Florence Nightingale Hospice last Thursday, following a short illness.

He was quite simply a unique character in our village community and will be sorely missed by both family and friends.

Fred was born and bred in Holmer Green and spent most of his life in Bucks. He chose to spend his later years residing in Chearsley, claiming it was the loveliest village he'd ever lived in.

He was an extremely sociable man and loved nothing more than to share a pint and a few laughs and stories with his friends at the pub. He believed in traditional values and was very particular in making sure everything was done in the correct way.

Fred spoke his mind without fear or favour, but he was also someone who cared passionately about the community in which he lived and was always ready to help those in need.

Fred’s life’s work and indeed his lifetime interests were cars, coaches and trains, which is why it's no surprise that the original idea for the Chearsley Village Classic & Vintage Fun Day came from Fred. From its humble beginnings, the show has grown year by year, showcasing over 300 vehicles when it was last staged in 2019. Sadly, last year’s show did not take place for reasons with which we are only too familiar.

This year’s show in September will mark its 10th birthday and will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Fred’s legacy to the community he loved so dearly.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his close family, especially his daughter Lynsey and sister Gillian.

Lynsey has asked if all who knew Fred could send her any photographs that they may have of her father, as she plans to produce a photographic record of his life.

Her address is:

Lynsey Terry
14 Primrose Green,
Widmer End
High Wycombe
Bucks HP15 6BQ


Lynsey will let us have details of the arrangements for Fred’s funeral as soon as these are finalised. If any of his close friends would like to pay tribute to Fred at the funeral with some happy memories, please can you contact Lynsey so that she may organise that for you as part of the service.  

Friday, 11 June 2021

Local Plant Sales This Weekend

Julian George will have a pop-up plant sale this Sunday June 13 from 11.30 at the gate of Furze Farmhouse
All proceeds will be for the Church.
It will be the same as last year, and don't forget it is CASH only. 

Nether Winchendon will also be running a plant stall this Saturday and Sunday from 9 am each day , it will be unmanned with a cash honesty box but there will be information about the plants on the table. 

Thursday, 10 June 2021

The Stockwell Restoration Project

The Stockwell Restoration Project

The Parish Council are keen to sponsor initiatives which seek to reconnect our community with its proud heritage.


A group was recently put together to manage ‘The Stockwell Restoration Project’, led by Derek Allen.


The Stockwell is a site of major historical in Chearsley Village and, in the absence of the necessary maintenance work over very many years, has deteriorated significantly and even presents some risk to public safety.


The restoration of the site will involve several key areas of work and it is hoped that the programme will commence in the coming weeks.


For those interested in seeing more detail, the group have just prepared a ‘progress report’ on the ambitions of the project and the works needed, and a copy can be downloaded from here l


For further information, please contact John Howard (

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Pop-up Plant Sale Sunday 11:30

Julian George will have a pop-up plant sale this Sunday June 13 from 11.30 at the gate of Furze Farmhouse
This will be for the Church.
Same as last year, and don't forget it is CASH only. Come and get your sprouts...


This Sunday Messy Church will be back at Chearsley Village Hall (outside).  We still can’t offer you food, but if you bring a picnic and blanket, we would love to sit and eat “together” at the end.

Our theme is “Toilet Twinning” so we will be doing lots of crafts and games based on toilets!
  • Can you lob a loo roll into a loo?
  • Throw a dice and race to build a compost loo
  • Make poo out of Weetabix, then plop it into the compost loo, adding sawdust to stop the smell
  • Play a memory game with all the bathroom items we take for granted
  • Get messy with toilet paper and glue as we make a collage together
  • Hear the story of Rachel, a schoolgirl from Africa, whose life was transformed by a toilet.
  • Write your prayers graffiti style on the back of a toilet door
  • Spend  a penny – can you get your pennies into the glass jar
We would love to raise £60 to twin our toilet with one abroad.  This will give us a photo of our twinned loo and its GPS co-ordinates so we can look it up on a map.  So, please bring all those pennies that are lying around your house.

We will still need to be in bubbles on picnic blankets, but can be a bit more relaxed about socialising and moving around.

Please let know if you think you can make it.

It's free, family, friendship, faith and fun!

Monday, 7 June 2021

Thefts from Cars Locally

Make sure you don’t leave valuables in your cars. A warning to NicB below from the Police about thefts in Long Crendon.

“ Please can I make you aware of a spate of thefts from vehicles in Long Crendon.  Cars in Quarry Close, Meadowbank Close, Old Windmill Way and Giffard Way. Please will you let residents know via Facebook or Whats Ap  or any other social media platforms that they should keep their valuables out of cars and ensure that their cars are secure and not vulnerable to opportunists. We will be doing re-assurance patrols in the area.”

Monday, 24 May 2021

Humble Country Fayre at Claydon Estate on 18 and 19 June

A brand new, curated shopping experience is coming to north Buckinghamshire on 18 and 19 June at Claydon Estate.

Outdoor and Covid Safe, Humble Country Fayre will take place in the stunning walled gardens at Claydon and will give visitors a desperately needed early summer social outing. There will be the chance to shop (all in the fresh air) from a fabulous line up of over 70 small businesses selling decorative accessories, unique, rustic and vintage homewares, gorgeous gifts, clothing and accessories.  Father's Day is on Sunday 20 June - so it is perfect timing!

There will also be a free demonstration tent, where visitors can stop by and take in fascinating talks on activities such as willow weaving,  making flower posies and sour dough making.  Delicious food and drink will also be available as visitors sit and enjoy the stunning backdrop of Claydon.

Tickets need to be booked in advance and are just £5.  You can find out more information and book your place via the website:

Monday, 17 May 2021

o Chearsley Parish Council Meeting today Monday

o Nether Winchendon event - Spring bank holiday weekend

o Update on Mercedes in the ditch

Chearsley Parish Council Meeting Monday 17/5/21 7:30pm

The parish council meeting is intended to be live streamed plus a recording to be made available on Please send questions or comments in advance to or post on the YouTube live stream chat.

Nether Winchendon Spring Bank Holiday event

There will be a number of stalls with home made jams and other home baked delights for sale in Nether Winchendon over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, May 29-30.

Mercedes in ditch going towards Cuddington

Owing to a vigilant member of the public who saw this car being driven erratically and dangerously from Long Crendon all the way into and through Chearsley on Friday night at around 6pm, reported it to the police, and observed it drive unaided into the ditch, police were on the scene quickly and took a person in for questioning. The mercedes will be removed at some point when investigations are complete. If you observed this car on that journey or have any further information please contact the police.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Local Election news

Congratulations to our very own Nic Brown for being elected a Bernwood ward county councillor over the weekend.

In the Chearsley Parish Council election the following stood and were unopposed:

Nic Brown, John Lewis, Julia Witcher, Paul Bown, Angela Gray, Keith Turnbull.

Many thanks go to John Howard, who, after many years of service has stood down this term as a Councillor but, thankfully, will continue to be very active on many of the PC & Village projects. Thanks also to Martin Hearmon who has also stood down on account of moving to Haddenham to be near family. He will be additionally missed for his help at the village hall but the CVH team are grateful to Anne Burnett for coming on board to run the bookings which are now picking up again as we exit lock down.

The PC welcomes Angela Gray for standing and becoming part of the PC, so that leaves one final place that will need to be co-opted. Please send enquiries or an expression of interest to one of the above councillors or email to before the next PC meeting on Monday May 17th. 

The next PC meeting is intended to go out on live stream YouTube and be recorded as before. Look up the Chearsley PC YouTube channel and subscribe. There will be a live chat on the stream for questions during the meeting or you can submit your questions in advance to

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Your Support required for new Long Crendon Surgery/Health Centre

Some of you may have seen that the planning application for the Long Crendon health centre has now been submitted to Bucks Council. This will replace the old surgery.

It is by no means a done deal and every online comment/email/letter will count towards the application hopefully being approved. If you would like to support this then it would be really helpful if you & your family could register your support please ASAP as there is only a week left to submit comments. You can do so by clicking on the following link: 'Search for planning applications'. Under 'Status' choose 'current', enter the reference number - 21/01604/APP - and click 'Search'. Once the application has loaded, click on the box titled 'Make a Comment'.  You can be timed out writing a long comment, so it is may be worth writing your comment first, before copying and pasting it. Other emails of support are located in Documents, if you wish to see them. 
The planners will mainly note matters which are relevant to planning law, so you could focus your remarks on matters including:
You could also mention that outline planning consent was previously granted and that the alternative surgery in Brill is a 10-mile round trip so not good for the environment & an expensive trip for those without a car (not specifically planning-related but may be worth mentioning).
  • The design of the building
  • The positive impact of the building on the community
  • The sustainability features of the building (sedum roof/solar panels)
  • The importance of the building to you personally
  • The parking arrangements

Friday, 7 May 2021

Family Fun this Sunday

This Sunday is promising to be a bit warmer with no rain. Good job as we have Messy Church on picnic blankets in the churchyard 4-5pm. Our theme is the Bee-Attitudes and we have crafts and games including making wildflower bee bombs. Come along for some free faith, friendship family fun.

No need to book but it would help me if you can tell me if you are planning on coming.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Village Update

o Village Party Notice - July 24th

o April Parish Council Meeting - Monday 19th April

o Potential Air Pollution in Chearsley

Village Party Saturday July 24th 

April Parish Council Meeting

The April Parish Council meeting will be held virtually at 7.30pm Monday 18th April and can be watched live or via recording afterwards on the following link:

Air Pollution in Chearsley

The Parish Council has recently received a complaint from a resident on the Western side of the village about being affected both inside and outside their home by “smoke fumes, chemical smells from weed killer, fertilisers or pesticides, and at times, eye-wateringly strong ammonia fumes”.

To help the PC investigate this issue, it would be helpful to know how widespread the problem is.  We would therefore be very grateful if as many residents as possible could advise the PC at please:

1.    Have you experienced similar problems?

If yes:

2.    In which area of the village?

3.    Inside or outside your home?

4.    When did you first notice this problem?

5.    How frequently does the problem occur (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc)?  

6.    Can you provide any information on timings, e.g. times of the year, days of the week, times of day, duration?

This issue may ultimately require investigation by Buckinghamshire Council Public Health. Information gathered in response to this note will be very helpful in any such investigation.

Many thanks for your assistance and cooperation.

Friday, 9 April 2021

HRH Prince Philip

Following the sad announcement of the death of HRH Prince Philip, the tenor bell at St Nicholas Chearsley will be tolled 99 blows, to mark the 99 years of his life, at 6pm this evening April 9th. 

The village hall flag is at half mast and the Reverend Richard Phillips has just recorded a prayer for Prince Philip, and for the Queen. It’s on the Church YouTube channel link below.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Chearsley Bus Shelter


Since the outbreak of the pandemic last year, our bus shelter has provided a valuable additional amenity for our community.


Initially, it was used by St Nicholas Church to collect food donations for delivery to local Food Banks but for some weeks now donations have been collected in the porch at the church.


People have also very kindly made donations of books and other items, such as children’s toys, by placing them in the shelter.


As we make a gradual return to normal life, which will include both more frequent arrival of buses and the possibility of taking donations directly to charity shops or other outlets, the Parish Council recommend that the bus shelter should now be returned to its original purpose.


We will therefore take all the remaining items to either charity shops or alternative outlets during the week commencing 12th April, when ‘non-essential’ retail is scheduled to re-open.


We would ask our community not to place any further items in the bus shelter with immediate effect.


We are also pleased to announce that Councillor, Julia Witcher, has kindly agreed to investigate possibilities for the setting up of a properly managed village library or book exchange in the future. If you have any thoughts on how this could be organised, please get in touch with her at