Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Changes to the Chearsley News Email - please read

Due to changes made by Google, the company that hosts the Chearsley Blog, it will shortly not be possible for items posted on the Blog to be automatically sent out as 'Chearsley News' emails.  Because of that, we are having to change the way that Chearsley News is distributed.

We initially decided to use a company called follow-it, and you may have seen the one edition of Chearsley News that was issued that way.  We were however not satisfied with the result with lots of follow.it advertising everywhere, and so have decided instead to use Mail Chimp - the same platform that we have used for several years for distributing Parish Council communications.  A copy of this message is being issued using Mail Chimp to anyone who was subscribed to Chearsley News via the Chearsley Blog. We have moved your contact details over to Mail Chimp.

If you do not currently get the email but would like to, then send an email to admin@chearsley.com asking to be added.

If you no longer wish to receive Chearsley News by email, you have two options for removing yourself from the mail list. 

Method 1.  Preferred method.  Send an email to admin@chearsley.com telling us that you wish to be removed from the Chearsley News email.  We will then see to it.

Method 2.  Click below on 'unsubscribe from this list'.  HOWEVER - if you use this method, and you currently are also on the Parish Council communications list, you will be automatically removed from both lists.  To avoid unintentional results, we strongly recommend you use Method 1.

We're sorry for any difficulties caused by these new arrangements, but are sure they are the best we can make.

We hope you will stay with us, and continue to enjoy the interesting news stories, information and updates that Chearsley News brings you

unsubscribe from this list.