Monday 23 August 2021

Chearsley Car Show Sept 12th - can you help ?

Just a quick note to tell you that the arrangements for the Car Show are progressing well. As you may know, all proceeds from the day will be invested in the development of Junior cricket at the club.

A key to the success of our event over the years has been the fantastic support the organisers have received from a large group of ‘Team Chearsley’ volunteers.


Our ‘team leaders’ have already started recruiting volunteers to help during the day. If you haven’t yet been ‘recruited’ and would like to help, please get in touch with one of our ‘team leaders’ below.


Our vehicle registrations are already approaching the 300 mark and we’ve been picking up some good publicity….here’s a couple of examples


You may have seen our new poster on the village green and we’ll shortly be placing other posters at various key locations on approach roads to the village. We’ve just produced a promotional flyer for the event and if you could make use of a quantity, please let me know. Alternatively, feel free to make use of the pdf , available on this link, to produce a noticeboard poster or circulate to friends, family or other potential visitors.


As ever, your support will be greatly appreciated….thanks in anticipation.


The Classic Car Show Team

Thursday 19 August 2021

In memory of Maria Allen Sept 4th 6pm Lammas Cottage

Now that Covid restrictions permit us to gather together again, Emma and Peter would like to invite Maria's many friends in the village and surrounding area to a small celebration of her life.

Saturday 4th September in the garden of Lammas Cottage from 6pm onwards for drinks and nibbles

Fireworks when darkness permits

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Chearsley CCTV Consultation

Communication for Chearsley Parishioners

In a bid to improve security and surveillance opportunities the Parish Council are currently looking at a very advanced CCTV project for the village with the UK security group based in Aylesbury.

The recommendation is to place the CCTV pole just close to the Bus shelter and behind the Post box in order to be able to have good lines of sight towards the Horse chestnut intersection as well as the road exits / entrances to the village green.

Having had this area mapped out by the UK security group its the best location given the ability to also keep the apparatus reasonably accessible and more discreet to those around this area.

The system is technically advanced with the potential to include automatic number plate recognition  ( ANPR ) and is monitored 24 hours a day within the central HQ in Aylesbury.

The technology is such that it has a privacy setting so that it openly looks at the target areas with all housing and gardens blanked out if requested.

It is important to note that no one from the general public including the Parish Council can access these images. It is only if an incident occurs and something is referred to the police that the images can be passed directly from UK Security onto the Police.

UK Security are fully GDPR compliant in how they treat this data confidentially.

I have with one of my colleagues Keith Turnbull recently visited the HQ of the UK Security Group and we were most impressed with the monitoring technology including the ability to go back in time to look at potential issues / incidents (usually 21 days ) that have been identified by reports on the ground by parishioners and also requests from the local police who have established that the route was possibly being used as a regular run for criminal purposes

The project has the full support and encouragement of the police and will undoubtedly give the security of our village a big boost.

We also have a number of testimonials from villages close by who have installed a similar system and all are extremely satisfied with the results achived to date . These testimonials can be made available for public consumption.

Once costs are finalised we are also hopeful that a good proportion of these costs will be met by external grants within Buckinghamshire as well as a contribution from the Parish council.

At the moment installation costs are in the region of 18K (including a provision for electric supply and a hook up to a WiFi router ) and I am confident the lions share can be funded by external grants as I say above , annual running costs will be about 1K

The purpose of this note is to be transparent about our intentions and by bringing this project to the wider Chearsley community we hope to get feedback and constructive comments that will help inform us of the potential support or otherwise that may be out there.

So just wanting to give you, the villagers, a heads up first and seek any initial thoughts before I bring to the full Parish Council for discussion ?? Comments, either supporting or raising questions, as ever please to

Should you wish to visit the HQ of the UK security group this can be arranged and also i am more than willing to have a face to face catch up with anyone if requested and indeed if much interest is noted then either a separate meeting at the village hall or if not a significant item on the PC agenda at our next meeting when all can attend.

Best Wishes 
Nic Brown

Chairman Chearsley Parish Council 

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Changes to the Chearsley News Email - please read

Due to changes made by Google, the company that hosts the Chearsley Blog, it will shortly not be possible for items posted on the Blog to be automatically sent out as 'Chearsley News' emails.  Because of that, we are having to change the way that Chearsley News is distributed.

We initially decided to use a company called follow-it, and you may have seen the one edition of Chearsley News that was issued that way.  We were however not satisfied with the result with lots of advertising everywhere, and so have decided instead to use Mail Chimp - the same platform that we have used for several years for distributing Parish Council communications.  A copy of this message is being issued using Mail Chimp to anyone who was subscribed to Chearsley News via the Chearsley Blog. We have moved your contact details over to Mail Chimp.

If you do not currently get the email but would like to, then send an email to asking to be added.

If you no longer wish to receive Chearsley News by email, you have two options for removing yourself from the mail list. 

Method 1.  Preferred method.  Send an email to telling us that you wish to be removed from the Chearsley News email.  We will then see to it.

Method 2.  Click below on 'unsubscribe from this list'.  HOWEVER - if you use this method, and you currently are also on the Parish Council communications list, you will be automatically removed from both lists.  To avoid unintentional results, we strongly recommend you use Method 1.

We're sorry for any difficulties caused by these new arrangements, but are sure they are the best we can make.

We hope you will stay with us, and continue to enjoy the interesting news stories, information and updates that Chearsley News brings you

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Wednesday 11 August 2021

o Bucks Council survey on bus services - your views requested

o Play around the Parishes

o New blog email distribution 

Bucks Council survey on bus services

Bucks Council are requesting your views on local bus services. The survey will close on Friday 3 September:

Play around the Parishes

Play around the Parishes returns to Ashendon next Wednesday, 18th August from 10am to 12pm.  It's a free event for children aged 1-10 living in Ashendon and the surrounds, with arts and crafts and fun activities.

All the fun takes place on the playing fields in Lower End, HP18 0HE, or in the event of wet weather, Ashendon Village Hall, HP18 0HB. If you are coming by car from the surrounding villages, please park in the Ashendon Playing Field car park.

Play around the Parishes is running 36 play sessions over 19 parishes this summer. All events are free. Details are here and on the Play around the Parishes facebook page

New Email Blog Distribution Mechanism

We have had to change the distribution mechanism as Google are deprecating Feedburner. We are trying Follow.IT so the email may look slightly different and there may be some issues while we adapt to this. However you should be able to still subscribe or unsubscribe to the email feed for new blog posts as before.