Thursday, 9 April 2020

Easter Weekend Family Fun

Some ideas for you to connect with the Easter Story this weekend.

Good Friday - the day Jesus was crucified

Activity: Bang some nails into a piece of wood, in the shape of a cross, then thread some wool around the nails.

Saturday - Jesus was in the tomb

Activity: wrap someone in toilet paper, but be sure to save it for use later!  Think how Jesus’ body and cloth was anointed in a lot of oils and spices and how the women at the tomb, discovered the grave clothes left behind, with the head cloth folded up neatly.  For older children – tell them about the shroud of Turin that some people believe is the actual cloth that wrapped Jesus.

Activity: Resurrection Roll – anoint a marshmallow in spices, wrap it in puff pastry burial clothes, then put it in the tomb (oven).   When you take it out, Jesus’ body will have disappeared!

Question? What do you think Jesus was doing on the Saturday?   Lying dead in the tomb?  Already resurrected and getting healed by angels?  Getting a big hug from his father?

Sunday - Jesus is Alive!

Activity: Easter egg hunt – chat about why we celebrate Easter with hollow eggs. How the egg represents the empty tomb but also symbolises new life.

For Adults - Do you struggle to believe in the resurrection? Watch this video presented by a retired Cold Case Detective (who was an atheist before he investigated the resurrection).