Thursday, 7 August 2008

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

Harry Ashworth
Harry died on Saturday August 2nd. Harry was in his nineties and lived in a bungalow in Dark Lane until about 2 years ago when he moved to Chilton House Nursing Home. He will be remembered in a great number of ways, not least for his involvement with the church for many years.

He was responsible for setting up the car pool and for being one of the first committee members of the Village Trust.

Being a good artist, and many Chearsley people will have one of his paintings or sketches in their possession, he founded an art class, which still meets in Long Crendon.

He will also be remembered by many meeting John Miles for a Wednesday lunch in The Bell, often to be joined by Hazel Cahill, who was 101 this week (happy birthday Hazel!) and Renee Baker.

His funeral will be held at St. Nicholas, Chearsley on Monday 11th August at 11am.

Condolences to his daughter, Marion and her family.

Chearsley Show
This is getting closer, taking place on Saturday 6th September. Entry forms must be in by Tuesday 2nd September – you should have an entry form, but if this has been lost, please get in touch with Rosemary Wallis of Merrifield, Dark Lane. So, as you go busy yourself in your garden these next few weeks, just bear in mind which roses might be coming up to perfection for the 6th, or which courgettes, carrots or beans etc. are going to be suitable for entry. (Don’t forget, and inadvertently pick and eat the chosen ones!) As well as all the usual fruit and veg to show, there are classes for men and boys to bake jam tarts, flower arrangements, art and craft, models, photos of “Around Chearsley”- something for everyone. Have a go and support this village affair. It is good fun.

Mobile Library
This will next be in the village at The Bell car park on Monday August 18th from 10.35 to 11.05am