Monday, 8 December 2008

Neighbourhood Watch - Community Message

Christmas is the time of year when burglars can see our homes at potential rich pickings as we stock up with lots of presents. Don't allow your Christmas to be spoilt by not taking some very simple precautions.

Consider the 3 L's Look, Lights and Lock
Look - around your home what is on display that may entice a burglar and keep it out of sight.
Lights - keep a security light on when you are out preferably a timer light.
Lock - always lock doors (and double lock them) and windows and don't keep your keys near your letter box.

Please contact your local Crime Prevention and Reduction Advisor if you need guidance on how to make your home safe.

Visit for crime prevention advice.

We wish you a very merry and enjoyable Christmas and a safe New Year

Inspector Sean Hodgson
Head of Crime Prevention and Reduction