Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Refuse/Recycling Collections

Message received from AVDC on Monday 2nd as follows:

Unfortunately, the weather conditions today caused disruption to the Monday refuse and recycling collection service. Icy conditions are forecast for tomorrow morning, which could cause further disruption to the rounds.

If we have to cancel the rounds tomorrow, it will not be possible to catch up this week. The collections not made today and tomorrow will take place next Monday and Tuesday. Recycling material will be collected on the next due date.

However, If the service can go ahead tomorrow, the preference would be to slip all collections by one day eg Monday's would be on Tuesday and Friday's on Saturday. However, this is dependent on the tip operators agreeing to open on Saturday and sufficient number of refuse/recycling
operators and staff being available to work the extra day.

If these conditions are not met, collections will continue as scheduled for the rest of the week with Monday's postponed until next week.

The website and local media are being used to help keep residents informed of the situation.