Thursday, 7 January 2010

Community Message

This is a Community Message from Aylesbury Watch Office on Thursday 7 January 2010

As the cold weather continues and further snow and low temperatures are predicted, please consider how you can help to keep yourself safe and possibly help others in your community:-

Are there any vulnerable people within your community that might be worried about slipping or falling if they go out? Could you maybe offer to assist them - getting shopping, collecting prescriptions etc?

If you are venturing out on the road, plan in advance and go prepared in case of problems - take a shovel, blanket, extra clothing, food and drink, in case you get stuck or break down. Remember, if you have spent 10 minutes de-icing your car, it is very likely that the roads will also be icy - so drive carefully and at an appropriate speed.

When you are defrosting your car, do not be tempted to leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running. Modern cars are not easy to steal, so potential thieves could be looking out for an easy opportunity to take your vehicle - and under these circumstances your insurance company is unlikely to pay out for the theft.

Further information and advice is available on our website and advice and up to date weather forecasts can be found on