Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Met Office: Weather update...

Some slight but significant changes in the snow areas for the coming 24-36 hours.

Our latest computer model run now takes the area of heaviest snow a little further north and east so that more of Oxfordshire, Berkshire (and unitaries) and Buckinghamshire come into the are at risk of seeing 15-20cm with locally 30-40cm. Almost all of Hampshire - especially the north - comes into this area now and possibly parts of West Sussex. Slightly higher amounts than earlier expected might also reach into the east of East Sussex. (10-15cm locally 20cm). I hope to send out a revised map before 1700. Timings are much as the emergency flash with the heaviest snow expected between 2000 tonight and 1100 tomorrow morning.

One other issue for the the coastal counties is that some of the precipitation could fall as rain near the coast, falling on to frozen surfaces and forming widespread ice which may then get some snow on it later in the night or on Wednesday morning.

Issued at 16:06