Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Village News

Fenella Tillier in "Finding The Lost Battalions"
Those of us in Chearsley who know Fenella and who watched Channel 4’s programme on Monday July 19th, felt very proud of  her  playing a major part in Channel 4’s programme and sharing her sorrow and sadness as she discovered exactly how her Great Uncle, Charles Phipps had lost his life.
“Finding the Lost Battalions” told the tragic story of Australian and British soldiers who died at the Battle of Fromelles in July 1916, using the stories of three of the soldiers who died there, told by their relatives. Fenella  was one of the three, reading letters from her Great Uncle, to his family at home in The Lee, and being filmed at the battle site as it was explained to her exactly how and where the battle had taken place.
Earlier that day, Fenella had joined a ceremony in Fromelles, attended by Prince Charles and Camilla, alongside descendants of soldiers when a coffin bearing the remains of an unidentified soldier was taken to the new cemetery in Fromelles.
Although three of the bodies found in the mass grave had been able to be identified using DNA tests, Fenella’s Great Uncle had not been one of them.

Mobile Library
This is next in Chearsley on Monday August 2nd from  12.10 until 12.45pm

Bingo at The Bell
There will be a break from Bingo during August and September, ready for a new start on the first Tuesday in October.

Chearsley Show
The lack of rain will not be helping entries of fruit and vegetables for Chearsley Show on September 4th, but don’t let this prevent you from taking part. It is the same for everyone. So remember to return your entry forms by 31st August.  It is a fun day for all the village to join in.

Keith Wright
Hopefully Keith is now well on the road to recovery and feeling well again.