Thursday, 2 September 2010

Village News

with Margaret Morbey  

Parish Council Meeting
The September meeting will be held in Chearsley Village Hall on Monday, 13th September at 7.30pm when all Chearsley residents are invited to attend.

Mobile Library
This next comes to The Green, on Monday 13th September from 12.20 until 12.45pm

French Night
A French Night is planned for Saturday 16th October in Chearsley Village Hall by the W.I.  Tickets cost £16.50 which will buy a 4-course dinner, music and entertainment.  Bring your own wine. Aperitifs will be served at 7.30pm. Please ring Jan on 202630 or Pauline on 202250 for more information.  

St Nicholas Church and in particular, Sharon Sampson, organised this art and drama day for local children  on Wednesday, August 25th. Despite the day turning very wet, 50 Chearsley children and their mothers and helpers had a very noisy, successful time in the village hall, “following in the footsteps of Moses”. Great fun was had making all the props for the story, including Moses baskets, locusts, frogs and pyramids which was then enacted with the help of vicar, John Wynburne on his guitar accompanying the children to songs. Centre piece was a magnificent life-sized papier-mâché calf made by a local resident which the children delighted in covering with gold before dancing around it until the reappearance of Moses with the stone tablets broke up their worship of the idol.  

Thank You
Perry Smith would like to thank his friends in Chearsley for their help and support while he has been ill. He is now on the long road to recovery.