Friday, 17 September 2010

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

Harvest Festival Supper
This will be held on Saturday, 25th September starting at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. Tickets are on sale for £10 each for a 2 course meal including wine or beer and are available from Alicia Howard  on 07970 804330

Harvest Festival at St. Nicholas Church
This will be held on Sunday 26th at 10am as part of the Family Service.  Please donate produce if you can, which will be given to Long Crendon Day Centre.

Long Crendon and Chearsley Art Group
This is a small friendly group meeting every Wednesday from 10 – 12pm in Church House, Long Crendon, suitable for all abilities. Please contact Jann Grimshaw, the chairman on 202630 for more information.

Chearsley Show
The overall winner of this annual Chearsley event which was held in the Village Hall on Saturday 4th September,  was Alan Whiffin who won the Vic Walker Cup. Alan also won the Gadsby Trophy for Best Vegetables, and the Wooden Bowl for Best Fruit.  Congratulations Alan. Perhaps you could pass on some tips.
Other winners were Suzanne Jacobs for Best Photograph; Pat Miles for Best Model; Joy Payne for best Art Entry; Julian George for Men’s Jam Tarts; Cyndy Whiffin for Best Domestic; Mary Scholefield for Best Flowers and winning the Harry Gregory Cup for Craftsmanship; Anne Pratt for Best Flower Arrangement, Alicia Howard for best Hanging Basket.  Congratulations to all the children who took part, particularly Oliver Sampson who won a plaque for Craft; Edward Richards who won the Harold Braley Cup for Best Children’s Entry and Spencer Siddall for winning a cup for Children’s Champion.  Have a look at some good photos of entries and participants on our website, taken by Sharon Sampson – you might see yourself!

Photos on
There are also photos of the Flower Festival held in Chearsley Church recently, and also  Footsteps.

Bingo at The Bell

This will restart on Tuesday, October 5th with Eyes Down at 8pm. All good fun. Sharon and Olllie are offering a special price for a Before Bingo meal on the night.

Mobile Library
This will next be on The Green on Monday, 27th September from 12.20 until 12.45pm

Wedding Congratulations
To Brian and Ineta Green on their marriage at St Nicholas Church on Saturday 11th, when the sun shone as they left the Church for photos  before the Wedding breakfast at The Village Hall.

Birthday Congratulations
To Blitz baby, Gladys Arnott of Nether Winchendon, who celebrated in appropriate style.

Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th September

This was a lively meeting attended by several members of the public.
The Public session brought up several topics.  The question of whether  curbing in Dark Lane  was planned in the future, as recent building work to Dieu Donne has been damaging and eroding the bank at Walnut Orchard, thereby comprising its stability.  It was confirmed by Nic Brown that this was part of future plans and that the Parish Council wanted to protect all Chearsley lanes and had set aside £1500 to this end.
There were non-favourable comments about the state of the verges after the recent grass cutting had taken place.

There was a complaint about recent bonfires off Winchendon Road, beyond the allotment area, when plastic and tyres had been burnt. Nic Brown would investigate the source.

Concern was voiced about the speed of dumper trucks  in connection with new building work and for care to be taken not to damage the village roads.

The question was asked as to what the Parish Council had achieved this year,  particularly as the benches on The Green were still not installed. Nic Brown commented that much had been achieved and the election for Council members in May next year offered the opportunity for new nominees to come  forward.

It was emphasized that Claire Lazaruk and Marion Grapes had been responsible for submitting plans  for funding via LAF for help with restricting speeding in the village and they were thanked for their hard work.  Marion agreed to continue to follow this up.

Christmas Plans
These are well in hand with this year’s tree ordered and arrangements made for the lights to be turned on on Friday 3rd December when there would be food and drink available.

Best Kept Village
The suggestion that Chearsley may like to enter was decided to be put on the agenda of the next AGM.

There was further talk about the new benches on The Green to be ordered very soon; the bench at The Memorial to be painted; the willow arch in the grounds of the village hall was being trimmed; the hedge at the village hall needing to be cut and the Village Hall committee to be contacted;  aviation noise observed to have increased lately, and for AVDC to be contacted about this and also a Chearsley pilot about more information.  The Tug of War against Cuddington had so far failed to produce a Chearsley team.

The date of the next meeting has been arranged for October 11th at 7.30 in the Village Hall.