Saturday, 13 November 2010

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

Mobile Library
This is next in Chearsley on Monday 22nd from 12.20 to 12.45pm

Electoral review for Bucks.
An electoral review of Bucks County Council is being carried out by the independent Local Government Boundary Commission aiming to make local elections fairer by ensuring that all county councillors in Bucks represent a similar number of people and that the council has the right number of councillors to represent each area. So the review is asking for your views on the right number of councillors needed to represent the county. You can visit the website at and click on “about electoral reviews” to put your views  on what Bucks County Council should be like in the future,  and to download some helpful information.  Alternatively you can write to The Review Officer (Buckinghamshire) at The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, Layden House, 76 -86 Turnmill Street, London EC1M 5LG.

Christmas Shopping Evening
A reminder that on Monday  22nd November from 7.30pm there is a Christmas Shopping Evening  organized by local Playgroup, Chuf at Chearsley Village Hall. £2.00 will buy you entry and seasonal refreshments and the opportunity to browse many stalls offering jewellery, cards, chocolates, books and Christmas presents and stocking fillers for the whole family.

Parish Council Meeting
This took place at The Cricket Club on Monday November 8th under the chairmanship of Nic Brown. It  was attended by several members of the public.
Public Session Help was asked of the Parish Council about removal of the overhead wires in School Lane which are still in place despite extensive work for the wires to go underground. There had been correspondence with EDF about this with no satisfactory response. The Council agreed to write to EDF.
The possible permanent electricity supply on The Green was a matter of concern for 2 members of the public; their strong  feelings being that the cost and possible use was not warranted. The chairman pointed out that the matter had not yet been decided upon and that it would be on the agenda at the next AGM.

Broken stiles and dog gates – two were reported broken. Bucks Council Council no longer fund repairs to these and it was considered it was probably up to the landowner to repair these and they would be contacted.

Some of the matters then discussed:

Village Hall Hedge: A quote for this to be cut was much higher than anticipated and therefore, the hedge had only been partly cut for the time being. This was thought to be unsatisfactory and for the matter to be pursued with the Village Hall Committee chairman.

Salt Bins: New bins had not yet been ordered.  Possibly the existing wooden ones could be repaired until new ones could be bought. Mike Edmonds agreed to take up this matter.  It was noted that the bins had been filled with grit. As a result of a review of last winter’s  road maintenance, chaired by Mike Edmonds, better communications from Bucks County Council would this year publicise more information and details of gritting plans, accessible on BCC website “winter maintenance live”.

Planning Applications: A site meeting was arranged on land adjoining The View where an application for 4 houses has been submitted.

Traffic Calming: Marion Grapes reported that an application for 3 strips to record vehicle data on the 3 main roads into Chearsley had been made at a cost of £300 per strip, to be funded from the fourth share of this year’s Fayre proceeds. This data will then enable the Police to advise on the best form of traffic calming.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony: The lights will be switched on on Friday 3rd December. Chuf and Junior Church are busy making decorations for the tree.  There will be music and refreshments and more details and posters nearer the time.

Benches on The Green: These will soon be delivered, their position decided upon and fixed to the ground in the very near future.

Land by the Phone Box: The question of registering this land and then maintained by the Parish Council had been looked into but not resolved and could possibly be an AGM agenda item.

Litterpick: This was poorly supported.

The Chairman finished the meeting by thanking his fellow councillors for the difficult task they do. He welcomed the comments from the public, although these had produced some heated exchanges. He appreciated the feedback and would like more villagers to attend the meetings.  There will be Parish Council Elections in May 2011 and he invited others to stand and to get involved.