Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Security of vehicles during cold weather

These two messages are from Thames Valley Alert Information sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police

Over recent weeks, 15 vehicles have been broken in to in Chearsley, Long Crendon and Oving areas. Offences have been occurring over night and are believed to be opportunist with no particular vehicle being targeted. All of the attacked vehicles had been left insecure and various items stolen including sat navs, cash, clothing, glasses and a brief case.

Suspects are believed to be coming to our villages from Oxfordshire and some of the stolen property has been recovered in a vehicle in Oxford.

Please take the extra time to remove items from inside and lock your cars. For as long as thieves know there are so many insecure cars to pick from in our villages there is every chance they will keep coming back. Don’t make it easy for them.

Additional Police patrols are occurring in these areas over night.


Thames Valley Police is urging local residents to be vigilant with the security of their vehicles, especially on winter mornings.

During recent cold weather conditions two vehicles have been stolen from Brill on 30 November and Chilton on 1 December. Owners had left the vehicles running to defrost the windscreens and warm the cars up but thieves took advantage and stole the insecure cars.

Motorists are advised to never leave a car unattended in these circumstances. If a vehicle is stolen in this way it is unlikely that your insurance company will pay for the loss of the vehicle.

Visit www.thamesvalley.police.uk for further crime reduction information and advice on vehicle security or call on the 24 hour Police Enquiry Centre 101