Thursday, 31 July 2008

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

A wonderful opportunity to acquire 10 years of Chearsley “happenings” as recorded by the Bucks Herald is available. Newspaper clippings covering house prices, features on residents, articles about the Parish Council, W.I. battles over footpaths, drains and many other everyday stories. There are also 8 A1 size card mounted photos with captions, suitable for displays and fundraising events. Contact me if you are interested or have any suitable suggestions as to where they could be safely housed. It would be a shame to have them put in the skip.


A few matters arising at this meeting on Monday July 28th:
The new Chairman has introduced a public session at the end of each meeting in addition to the beginning, when the public is permitted to voice its comments.
Nic Brown, chairman, in reply to a question from the chairman of the Village Hall committee about their grant, emphasized that he would be looking to have better communications with all other committees in Chearsley, in order to better understand how they all work for the better good of the village.
In this connection, he had set up a meeting with officers from AVDC to discuss matters concerning villagers, especially, parking, speeding, state of the roads and drains etc. The proposal for extra parking spaces in School Lane and Bernards Close was brought up, and this would also be acted upon.
The Shop reported that it is being well supported by people from Chearsley and other villages, the cafe doing well, and possibly offering bacon butties on a Saturday morning. There was a complaint that the sign on the Green was blocking visibility.
It was noted that Winchendon Road had been re-surfaced and that kerbing of granite sets would be start in the Spring.

Planning Applications
The demolition of The Pightle was discussed and a suggestion that a friendly visit be made to point out that the long working hours were causing noise and disturbance to neighbours.
Regency Cottage. There were concerns over this application and the question of the roads as “ancient Holloways” and to prevent them being eroded as much as possible was discussed.

Betty Duval legacy
The Parish Council had been left £1000 in Betty’s will. It was felt that a new bench for the Village Green and re-surfacing the path across the Green would be a fitting use of this money.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 15th September at the Village Hall.