Saturday, 7 March 2009

Message in a Bottle

An appeal from Debbie Brown, Projects Officer for Buckinghamshire County Council Adult Social Care:

"I am currently working on the Message in a Bottle scheme, which you may on may not have heard of. It basically consists of a plastic bottle containing a leaflet on which you can write you emergency contact details and medical history. The bottle is then placed in the fridge. It is a piece of partnership working, and the fire & ambulance service are well aware of it. It is simply a time saving, and life saving idea. I have been tasked with distributing 7000 of these bottles to vulnerable adults in Bucks. They are currently being given out through day centres, assessment teams, internal homecare etc. Would you be able to distribute some though your meetings, offices, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated."

More information is available at the Lions Clubs International, and you can contact Debbie at:
Tel: 01296 387002