Thursday, 14 October 2010

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

Epilepsy Action Tea Party - Friday October 22nd
This will now take place as originally planned on Friday October 22nd at Farmfields, Willow Corner, Aylesbury Road, Chearsley from 2.30 until 5pm, when there will be tea and cakes, a raffle, plants, second hand books, bring and buy  and gifts for sale.

Mobile Library

This is next in the village by The Green on Monday 25th October from 12.20 until 12.45pm.

Pub Lunch Thursday 28th October
If you are planning to come to this, please book your place and your meal by the  22nd October. Ring Ann Hooton on 208306 or Alan Mitchener on 208893.

Ladies Night at The Tea Rooms – Wednesday, October 20th
For the girls - nibbles and a glass of wine are available to accompany browsing a range of candles, candle holders, bath and body care and other products on show at The Tearooms from 7.00 until 9.00pm.  Come and have a couple of hours out and meet up with friends.

Litter Pick
All villagers are asked to come and join a village litter pick on Saturday October 30th. Please meet at 9.30am outside The Bell.  Rubbish bags will be provided.  Please come and help keep our village tidy.

Remembrance Sunday
This service at the War Memorial on Sunday 14th November will be held on Sunday 14th November when a Chearsley resident presently serving in the Forces will lay the wreath. The Service starts at 10.45am.

Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 11th October:

Electricity Supply on The Green - Details and costings regarding a permanent electricity supply on The Green in order to facilitate lights for the Christmas tree and use during the Fete and other occasions,   were put forward by Paul Oliver. Although the proposals were agreed in principal,  It was decided to look into health and safety, planning and finance considerations before going ahead.

Bonfires  at Winchendon Road - The Parish Council had written to Environmental Health asking them to look into this complaint.

Hedge at Village Hall - This should be arranged to be cut before Remembrance Day.

Salt Bins - As matters were still not clear about buying privately or buying from the Council, and the supply of salt,  Leif agreed to look into this.

Aviation noise - It appears the flight paths from Luton have been increased as from Spring 2010 which means planes can now fly over Chearsley. There was concern this would also happen from Heathrow and John Bercow should be approached to monitor the situation.

Memorial Bench
- This will be painted before Remembrance Sunday.

Millennium Field
- The lease  of this field terminates in in February 2011, although the Cricket Club will still be able to use part of it for car parking. Councillors were asked for feedback about the consequences of losing this facility.

Letter of complaint - Councillors were asked for their comments concerning a letter of criticism received by  the Parish council in order for a reply to be made.

Building work at Dieudonne - The builder was aware of keeping the village clean and tidy and the verges undamaged.

Benches on The Green - These have now been ordered and should be delivered shortly. Plaques will be inscribed in memory of Betty Duval who left a legacy to the village.

Traffic Calming - Marion Grapes  reported that, with money from the Fayre, and acting on behalf of the Parish Council, data strips would be put in place, which would monitor traffic over possibly a 2 week period. This information would enable the Police to advise on the best method for traffic calming in the village. It was brought up that many speeding culprits in Chearsley were in fact Chearsley residents and villagers should be encouraged to point this out to known offending drivers.

The poor state of some of the village roads was brought up and whether these could be repaired before the start to this winter.
Information at the bus stops are not up-to-date. Perhaps solar powered information panels could be installed.

The next meeting will be held at the Cricket Club at 7.30pm on Monday 8th November.