Thursday, 31 March 2011

From "The Mayor"...


From The Chairman of the Parish Council to the good people of Chearsley
Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of chairing the Parish Council, and although it would be some what untruthful if I did not admit to at times feeling frustrated by the fact that things are so very different in the public sector compared to the one I enjoy so much in the private commercial world.
Nevertheless, it has, on balance, been more rewarding and fun for a number of reasons, so I will not complain but instead simply cut to the chase as to why I am circulating this note as an update and a call to action to the folks of Chearsley.
Elections are taking place in Aylesbury Vale in 2011
Elections are being held for all District Council (59) and Parish Council (652) seats.  In addition, a referendum will be held on the same day on changing the way MPs are elected to the House of Commons – the “Alternative vote” system versus the current ‘first past the post’.
When are they taking place?
Thursday 5 May 2011 with polling taking place between 7.00am and 10.00pm.
What are the key dates in the election process?
Publication of Notice of Election
21 March
Close of nominations
4 April (Noon)
Publication of Statement of Persons nominated
6 April (Noon)
Last day to register to vote or apply for a postal/proxy vote
14 April
Publication of Notice of Poll
21 April
So what does this mean for the main issues of the Chearsley Parish Council and its future prosperity ?
For the past years the parish Council in my view has continued to bubble along with an almost blatant disregard for the notion that we, as serving members, should be elected and not just co opted or voted on by luck or coincidence, so if we are to have an elected body representing the Parish, then the time has come for village folks to stand up and declare an interest in being nominated. Once all the candidates are known the population can VOTE for the candidate they feel will represent local interests into the future .
In my view, by doing this we can put aside the sterile conversations that go on from time to time in dark and hallowed places, about what is right or wrong for the village and instead have faith in those that you vote for as being the representatives of the village and its best interests. By the way - if it is really important, attend some Parish council meetings where your comments, thoughts and views can be shared and debated with all in an atmosphere of honesty and trust.
What is the key information so that I can understand how to get involved?
As stated, the notice of elections was published on the 21st March and anyone wishing to stand for election should contact the clerk, Clare Clark on 01844 201208 or email for a nomination pack. Alternatively contact the Electoral Register Manager on 01296 585807 or Email :
The formal election process is handled by the elections team at AVDC and the deadline for nominations is no later than noon on Monday the 4th April. Polling takes place on the 5th May between 7am and 10pm at the village hall and we need to fill seven seats
What are my personal views on all this?
The Parish Council has, with very limited resources, tried very hard to provide a good standard of parish council services where at all possible, aided and abetted by some great work by individuals that have been co opted onto the council to give extra support to some key initiatives such as:  

  • Traffic Calming for the exits and entrances to the village -Mrs Marion Grapes
  • Surveys and reporting on our walkways and bridle paths - Mr Peter Grimsdell
  • Renewal and repairs to the village Grit Bins - Parish Council
  • Replacement of the benches on The Green - Parish Council and a generous legacy from Mrs Duval.
  • Arranging for repairs to the roads and walkways, drainage and ditches - Parish Council
  • Locating benches around in the village - Parish Council
  • Sponsorship and organisation of the Village Green Christmas tree - Parish Council, with Mr Nigel Timberlake and Mr Paul Oliver doing the hard graft.
  • Kerbstones to key locations - Parish council
  • Care of the Stockwell - Mr & Mrs Derek Allen, plus support from many village residents
  • Management of the village notice board - Mrs Alicia Howard
  • Chearsley Village News - Mrs Janine Rees
  • Chearsley Web Page - Mr Leif Hytten
These, and many other projects, are by no means completed, but I am committed to creating the maximum opportunities for Chearsley.
BUT - you all have your part to play to ensure all the nominated and supported councillors feel elected and empowered!
Why not join us and get  involved ??
Nic Brown,  Cornfields,  Cousins Piece, Tel: 07776 161644