Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Ferrets are coming...

The rabbit warrens around Chearsley have been buzzing in the last few days, as the StaRescue ferrets have been put through their final paces in preparation for the Chearsley Cricket Club Ferret Racing event on Saturday evening.

The main details are shown on our poster but here’s more details of the schedule for the evening....

  • 6.30  Gates open
  • 7.00  1st Race – The Pieman Stakes (sponsored by Adam Lazurak)
  • 7.15  2nd Race – The Lombardo Challenge (sponsored by John Howard)
  • 7.30  3rd Race – The JV Classic (sponsored by James Veness)
  • 7.45 4th Race – The Chairman’s Handicap (sponsored by Clive Weston)
  • 8.00   5th Race - Floodlit Grand Final (featuring the four winners of the earlier races)
  • 10.30 Bar closes
We will be running on course betting. There are four ferrets running in each race and the minimum stake is 50p.

All losing tickets will be entered into a ‘loser to winner’ draw – and the winning ticket drawn at the end of the evening will win a ‘bottle of bubbly’.

Entry is free - children and families are most welcome. We’ll be providing ‘locally produced bangers and mash’ and a vegetarian option for adults (£5 per head). We’ll also provide ‘hot dogs’ for the youngsters.

It should be a fun evening – hope to see you there.

Try this link for a taster.....

John Howard