Friday, 25 May 2018


The Parish Council is pleased to advise us that the Defibrillator is now installed in its cabinet and is available for us.

Please note the following important advice from the Ambulance Service :
  1. The FIRST priority if you think you need the Defibrillator is to keep calm and dial 999 to call an ambulance.
  2. The SECOND priority is to commence cardiac massage (CPR) – i.e. pumping on the victim’s chest to keep blood circulating. If you don’t know how to do this, seek advice (now) or attend a first aid course.
  3. If there is a second person on the scene, they can get the defibrillator. You must not stop CPR.
  4. The Defibrillator will tell you what to do. Don’t be scared of using it: You cannot cause further pain or damage using a Defibrillator. It will not work if it can sense a pulse in the body.
Getting The Defibrillator
The Defibrillator is housed in a green and yellow cabinet located on the side wall of The Bell, in the entrance to the car park.
The code to open the door is C159X. We suggest you keep this code handy, but the Ambulance Service also knows it and will give you it when you call them. You will need to quote the Postcode which is printed on the cabinet door.
The Defibrillator is in the orange case in the cabinet. Open the cabinet door, take out the orange case and take it to where the casualty is located.

Using the Defibrillator
Instructions for getting started are printed on the orange case. Once you switch it on, there are clear voice prompts that you should follow.
It is battery powered so needs no connections to mains electricity.
It is automatic. It goes through a cycle of monitoring the victim’s heart rate and pattern and will only administer a shock if it is needed.

Getting familiar with it
It is acceptable for you to have a practice any time at opening the cabinet door to familiarise yourself with how to access the unit. Please make sure the door is fully closed before you leave – it needs a hard push to close it. If it won’t latch, try pressing the “C” button on the keypad.
Most important, please do not remove the unit from the cabinet and take it away unless you need it. That may be just the time someone else has an emergency.

Now that it is in use and the Village Hall is available, we will be arranging further training courses on how to use the unit.

We have a team of volunteers who are looking after the unit. If you think at any time there is a problem with it, or it needs attention, please email the team at One of the team will respond.

There is a very useful “Save a Life” app available for both IOS and Android. It locates your nearest defib unit, you can ring 999 from it and it also contains instructions on what to do re CPR and using the defib etc. It has a lot of Q & A too. Ideal to get you ahead of the training that will be appearing soon.