Saturday 28 December 2002

The Old Boy Files

Belatedly, news - and pictures - reach us of Chearsley cricketer Andrew Croxford marrying the delightful Melanie in December. Many of you will remember his brother Simon, who stayed in the village last summer, variously employed at Manor Farm and as a coach to Chearsley Juniors.
Thinking about it, many of you will never forget his brother Simon...

Melanie got in touch to say: "We were married on December 15, 2001 at St John's Church, Adelaide, South Australia and our reception was at the Stamford Plaza. Simon was one of Andrew's three groomsmen.
As we had been away from home for so long for our honeymoon we spent almost a week with my parents in south-east South Australia, and just over a week with Andrew's parents in Melbourne. We had the sort of honeymoon you never see in brochures!! We did really enjoy spending time with our families though and we've got some nice travel planned this year.
The family wedding photo has Andrew's sister - Penny, Dad - Geoff, Mum - Prue and of course, Simon."