Thursday 24 January 2013

A Local List of the Vale's historic buildings and features - are you interested?

Received by the Parish Council:

Dear Parish Clerk,

We are Aylesbury Vale district councillors, working on a cross party basis to look into potential levels of support for a “Local List” within the Vale’s communities. We hope to prepare a brief report to be presented to the Environment and Living Scrutiny committee on 13 February.

Local Lists identify buildings and many other features that, although not suitable for national statutory listing, are valued by local people. While such a List does not give direct legal protection to the items listed, it helps to make sure that such buildings and places are properly considered when planning proposals affecting them are presented to the district council. Identifying buildings and features suitable for local listing assists in establishing the uniqueness of place and is a further contribution to the character of the area and the sense of identity within a community.

We are writing to ask whether individuals or an amenity or history society in your parish would be interested in supporting, in principle at this stage, such a List were one to be drawn up? Equally, if your community has already compiled its own Local List then we would like to hear about it. AVDC would provide appropriate support to help volunteers identify and report on suitable candidates for the List. It would also maintain the List which could be adopted as a policy in the Vale of Aylesbury plan.

Please let us know if there is interest in your parish. As we have said, we are trying to gauge what level of support for the principle of a Local List may exist in the Vale. We emphasise that at this stage we are not looking for any commitment to action from you, other than the courtesy of a response to this email.

We look forward to hearing from you, no matter how brief your response. Should you, in the meantime have any further questions then please let us know. Contact details are Tel: 01296 668565 and Email:

Yours Sincerely,
Judy Brandis - Corry Cashman