Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Oxford Cambridge Expressway (OCE) Meeting Sept 9th - Notes & Presentations

John Howard, who chaired this village hall  meeting, opened by explaining the Parish Council are ensuring villagers are as well informed as possible on this major infrastructure plan and are asking for feedback as to what position the PC should take on the OCE. This is so the PC can accurately represent the views of the village in any discussions with AVDC/BCC councillors and Highways England. As no requested Arc representatives were available, John presented a summary of the aims of the Oxford Cambridge Arc, based on available public documents. There was also a statement from one of our local AVDC/BCC councillors Clive Hariss. He indicated that he and other colleagues were not clear on the merits of the expressway plan versus upgrading existing roads and the BCC would be debating further. The link to Johns presentation is here.

John then introduced Professor David Rogers and Olivia Field of the No Expressway Group. They have performed detailed research on available documents plus engaged with Highways England. They outlined some of the possible consequences for Buckinghamshire and in particular Chearsley. In summary, while there is positive feedback for the East-West rail link plan, they pointed out the car focused expressway plan, together with very large amounts of housing, much in in areas of natural beauty, would seem at odds with preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. They also predicted increased congestion from cars and HGVs in many existing local roads as a result of the expressway.

Their presentation is here

There was then a question and answer session with David and Olivia. Note that they will have a stand at the Car show this coming Sunday if you would like to ask further questions and gather more information. There are links to their website, Facebook and Twitter in their presentation also.

In summary the PC requests that you read both presentations and, if not already done, complete the questionnaire sent out as hardcopy, returning to John Howard at Great Barn or via the Bell. Alternatively complete the online questionnaire at this link. If you have further comments or questions then please send to john.howard@chearsley.com

Keith Turnbull