Monday, 2 March 2020

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway Update

The Parish Council has maintained its close contact with the No Expressway Group (NEG) in recent months, following the overwhelming opposition within our village to the building of the road and the accompanying plans for massive new housing development within its corridor.

As previously reported, the NEG organised a ‘Westminster Event’ on Wednesday 26th February, involving a briefing session for MPs at the Houses of Parliament, followed by the presentation of a petition to ‘Scrap the Expressway’ to No. 10 Downing St.

Chearsley were represented by villagers Alex Wall Morris and her ten year old daughter, Bella, on the day. Alex and ‘Eco-Bella’ were part of the delegation which presented the petition to PM, Boris Johnson, at No. 10, together with MPs Greg Smith (Buckingham) & Layla Moran (Oxford West & Abingdon) and other NEG representatives.

Many will remember a feisty presentation from ‘Eco-Bella’ to the 2,000 or so visitors to our Classic Car Show last September, encouraging us all to adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
See further information on the event and some of the media coverage achieved on these links:

A number of sources have recently suggested that the building of the Expressway will indeed be scrapped and a formal announcement will be made in the Chancellor’s Budget Speech on Wednesday 11th March. However, the NEG will not relax its campaigning efforts until formal assurances are received that the project will not go ahead and will continue to challenge the government on the detail of any plans for further housing development in our local area.