Monday, 4 May 2020

Message from Nic Brown, Chairman of Chearsley Parish Council

As the village of Chearsley faces our seventh week in lockdown, it’s important that all our residents can obtain support and information on important issues, either locally or nationally. There are some issues of local concern on which information is not readily available, so I thought it prudent to mention some of them in my latest report

Fouling footpaths:
There have been widespread concerns expressed about the increased amounts of ‘dog poo’ being left on the ground on many of our lovely village footpaths to neighbouring communities such as Cuddington , Ashendon , Notley and others. We have been gifted these pathways over many centuries and owe this legacy a duty of care and must all do our best to maintain their condition by bagging up any dog wastes and placing them in one of the many bins provided by the Parish Council. Should you feel the need to report any unsatisfactory behaviours, please email the Parish Council ( and this will be dealt with confidentiality.

Rubbish and wastes:
There is much clearing, tidying and building work going on in the village at this time but unfortunately some of those who have purchased or rented a skip to keep their own rubbish well managed have reported that others have been depositing their own wastes in them without obtaining permission.

Please hang on to your own rubbish until normal waste services are resumed or make proper arrangements for its disposal. We recently received information from Buckinghamshire Council that they are hopeful of resuming ‘green’ collections of garden waste and re-opening the waste sites in the county from 11th May.

But, by all means, have a word with the owner of a skip and request permission to deposit a few items if space is available.

We have also received reports of fly tipping and other unpleasant activities taking place on The Baulk – at the sharp right-hand corner on the bend of the Winchendon Road, a quarter of a mile or so outside the village, and the footpath towards the Chilton , Ashendon , Brill areas. If you come across evidence of any such unsavoury activities, please report them to the Parish Council or, alternatively, make your own report to Buckinghamshie Council:

Chearsley Pub Revival Day:
In March, the next initiative to be carried out under the banner of the ‘Historic Chearsley’ programme was the Chearsley Pub Revival Day was announced to be taking place on Saturday 13th June:

In compliance with current ‘social distancing’ rules, this event will now not take place on the previously scheduled date but it is hoped to announce a new date in the near future.

‘Good Neighbour’ Scheme:
As reported previously, the Chearsley COVID 19 Volunteer Assistance Scheme is now providing a comprehensive support service in our village – courtesy of Susan Olding and her team of 50 volunteers.

If you require any support or are aware of others who may need help or assistance in these challenging times, please contact Susan at

Thanks all,
Nic Brown

Stay Vigilant , Remove Rubbish , Respect the Community