Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Year End Message from the PC Chairman

Hello good folks of Chearsley

Well what a momentous year to date with so much to digest , illness and sad loss of loved ones, the removal of certain freedoms , being apart from close family and friends , and employment uncertainties, it has surely been a test for many folks and I am afraid more challenges lie ahead.

During these challenging times I wanted to drop you all a line as the chairman of the Chearsley Parish council to express my thanks, admiration and respect for the way so many folks have faced these difficulties and contributed to taking care of others “ when a friend in need is a friend indeed “ whether it’s errands for medicines , shopping , doctors and much more , even just a knock on the door and an enquiry to see if all is well with a neighbour, all of these actions are so special and demonstrate to me that all is well with humanity accepting that there are more hurdles ahead to negotiate.

I have included part of an article I read recently and resonated very much with me so I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you all.

Wishing all of the Chearsley family the very best of health and happiness for this year and beyond

Nicholas J Brown

Chairman, Chearsley Parish Council.

We humans have a knack for coming together and rising up to our potential in the face of challenges such as pandemics, reduction in freedoms , loss of those that are family and friends , all these tough moments bring us out of ourselves and into the community , ready to lend a hand to those in need.

This experience is often life-changing for those who are willing to step into the position of helper. We feel as if we are finally doing something really important, and this leads us to feeling more self-actualized. We feel more connected to the people we are helping and humanity in general.

Considering the many benefits of this kind of gesture, it is surprising that more of us don't devote more of our time , or at least some portion of our time, to serving people in need. The more we promote, applaud, and actively inspire humanitarian efforts in the community and further afield the more others will be drawn to this kind of work and we might pay more attention to those everyday ordinary heroes who devote their lives to alleviating suffering in whatever form it presents itself."