Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Chearsley Good Neighbours Update

It is over a year since Chearsley Good Neighbours was set up. Those needing extra support in the village have been very appreciative of the assistance of volunteers, and I know a lot of new networks and friendships have been established.

With the changes to the restrictions it is time to think about how we progress. CGN was set up after Alicia Howard asked me if I would set up a group to take village residents to medical appointments, and I gladly agreed and had excellent support from Alicia, John Lewis and Nic Brown.  When Covid-19 hit us, I agreed to coordinate a wider response with shopping, prescriptions, telephone support etc. Within a couple of weeks I had around 70 volunteers. The CGN has worked well, thanks to the responsiveness of the volunteers. 

I suggest that from the 12th April, when shops reopen and life begins to return to how it was before, I will be closing this particular group of volunteers.  I feel confident that the spirit seen in the lockdown will continue, and that we will still be helping our neighbours. 

I will keep the list of volunteer names and it maybe that we need to pick it up again in the winter, and I am willing to do this. Please, do let me know if you would like your name to come off this list now. I am contacting those who have needed assistance to assure them of ongoing support if needed.

However, I have decided that I won’t be the person to coordinate drivers to take residents to medical appointments, but I am willing to assist when somebody else steps forward to take on this responsibility. Please email Nic Brown at  or John Lewis on if you would like to volunteer or discuss this. 

So - a big thank you to you all, I have met a lot of extremely kind and generous people through the group and look forward to getting to know you better once lockdown ends. 

Susan Olding
Orchard Close