Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Local Election news

Congratulations to our very own Nic Brown for being elected a Bernwood ward county councillor over the weekend.

In the Chearsley Parish Council election the following stood and were unopposed:

Nic Brown, John Lewis, Julia Witcher, Paul Bown, Angela Gray, Keith Turnbull.

Many thanks go to John Howard, who, after many years of service has stood down this term as a Councillor but, thankfully, will continue to be very active on many of the PC & Village projects. Thanks also to Martin Hearmon who has also stood down on account of moving to Haddenham to be near family. He will be additionally missed for his help at the village hall but the CVH team are grateful to Anne Burnett for coming on board to run the bookings which are now picking up again as we exit lock down.

The PC welcomes Angela Gray for standing and becoming part of the PC, so that leaves one final place that will need to be co-opted. Please send enquiries or an expression of interest to one of the above councillors or email to chearsleyPC@chearsley.com before the next PC meeting on Monday May 17th. 

The next PC meeting is intended to go out on live stream YouTube and be recorded as before. Look up the Chearsley PC YouTube channel and subscribe. There will be a live chat on the stream for questions during the meeting or you can submit your questions in advance to chearsleypc@chearsley.com